Criminal Report Filed on CCS Board Member!!–Misconduct in Public Office–More Filings may be in Order– Report by Robert A. Williams

It has come to our attention that a concerned citizens, outraged over the Cleveland County School Board’s refusal to take action on alleged acts by it’s members, has formally reported the alleged crime to a Cleveland County Law Enforcement Agency-The Kings Mountain Police Department.

The KMPD Incident/Investigative Report states that the reported crime is a violation of North Carolina General Statute GS 14-243. NC General Statutes Chapter 14 is titled Criminal Law. GS 14 Section 234 is titled Public officers or employees benefiting from public contracts; exceptions. The incident location is 301 West King Street, Kings Mountain, NC 28086. The crime victim is the State of North Carolina-taxpayers. Violations of this law is a Class I Misdemeanor.

The allegations are that the Cleveland County Schools (the Perpetrator of the violation) have contracted or done business with Bridges Hardware Store, which is owned and managed by the husband and parents of School Board member Shearra Miller. Research with the North Carolina Department of Secretary of State that indeed Bridges Hardware is located at the address shown on the KMPD Incident Report and that the Officers of Bridges Hardware are”

• President: Timothy W. Miller, Husband of School Board Member Shearra Beachum Miller,
• Vice President: Charles W. Beachum, Father of School Board Member Shearra Beachum Miller
• Secretary: Geneva H. Beachum, Mother of School Board Member Shearra Beachum Miller

The particulars of the allegations have been confirmed by our research into the school credit card scandal, which we will provide to the KMPD if they are requested from us. There are many thousands of dollars of receipts showing CCS made many purchases that may be considered violations of the noted law. Other laws related to ethics of public officials as well as laws that provide guidance of kinship relationships that are not allowed in business relationships between public officers and business entities. Spouses and Parents of public officials are clearly shown to be in violation of business dealings of public agencies.

This investigation certainly looks like an open and shut case that a violation of State Law has been committed. The question becomes, is Shearra Miller the only one held accountable by law OR are the entire school board also accountable since they were aware of this situation. Of course there is always the question of whether or not the KMPD will bring charges and whether or not the District Attorney’s Office will prosecute this offense.

The record indicates the DA’s Office will likely NOT prosecute such crimes as this, which the School Board will say is proof that no crime was committed. That leaves it to the citizens of Cleveland County to vote out of office public officials who violate State law. In 2018, the citizens of Cleveland County will hopefully have the option of voting out a District Attorney who will not perform his duty to the people. That is also a violation of State Law: NCGS 14-230 Willfully failing to discharge duties. Ultimately the Voters of Cleveland County can enforce good behavior on their elected officials. All they have to do is pay attention to our articles and vote the bad apples out of office.

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