Court of Appeals Judge Recommendations by Robert A. Williams

Court of Appeals Judge:

We recommend:

First Choice-

Doug McCullough

Second Choice-

Pamela M. Vesper

Third Choice-

Jewel Ann Farlow

Have you ever seen such a mess as this ballot for Judge?  All this came about like this.  Gov. Jim Hunt appointed Jim Wynn, a liberal activist black judge, to the NC State Supreme Court to fill a vacancy.  When the first election rolled around, Wynn was defeated.  So Gov. Mike Easley appoints Wynn to the NC Court of Appeals.  The next election comes by and Wynn is almost defeated by Jewell Ann Farlow.  So President Obama, at the urging of Senator Kay Hagan, appoints Wynn to the Federal Court where he will do as much damage to the US Constitution as possible.  When Wynn got appointed, a vacancy was left and this crazy ballot came about to allow the best chance for another liberal activist judge to win.  Only Gov. Beverly Perdue and the NC State Board of Elections could have come up with such a mess.  Lawsuits because of this are likely to go on for years.

Anyway, We recommend Doug McCullough as the most conservative, Pamela M. Vesper as the best investigator and prosecutor of Real Estate Fraud, and then Jewel Ann Farlow, a conservative who should have beaten Jim Wynn in the first place.

These are our recommendations and we are sticking to them.  A sample ballot showing what the actual ballot, marked up to show our recommendations, looks like will be included in this issue    Be sure to run off a copy and take it with you to the ballot box.

Also, we recommend voting on the November 2, 2010 Election Day.  This way there is less chance your ballot will be miscounted or lost and substituted for.  This might not be Chicago, but Chicago probably took a lot of lessons from the crooked ballot-counting in Cleveland County.  That’s what Buck Carr says anyway.

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