County Water Board–Election Recommendations By Robert A. Williams


County Water Board–Election Recommendations

By Robert A. Williams


waterbrd ballot      The County Water Board???  For years this used to be the Cleveland County Sanitary District.  That was when everybody  knew that not only water, but waste water treatment and sewers were necessary for development in Cleveland County.  Way back before the Sanitary District sold out to real estate developers who wanted to build a dam on the First Broad River in the Upper area of Cleveland County and make tons of money on commissions selling land for big lakefront property.  Like the kind of development around Moss Lake that most of Cleveland County taxpayers can’t afford to enjoy.

But hey Williams you say, don’t we need the water in case there is a drought?  The answer to that is we already have the water.  There is a \$1.4 million pipeline from the Shelby Water Plant to the big Broad River that has never pumped a drop.  Moss Lake was down 20 feet during the worst drought in recorded history for this area, but still had 80 ft of water left before the rains came.  My Fallston water never quit.  The Sanitary System water never quit.  Shelby water, despite their trying not to buy Kings Mountain Water, never quit either.  All these water systems are cross connected so if there is a problem in one system; water can be had from another system.  \even Forest City and Gaston County water systems can feed into Cleveland County Water systems.

The cry for water is necessary to try to convince the US Army Corps of Engineers that a new Lake in Upper Cleveland County is necessary so any property for the lake can be condemned and the property owners have to sell their land-cheap so the Real Estate developers can make their huge profits and commissions.  One way to test this is to say the water is indeed necessary and must be protected by a “natural buffer” all the way around the lake.  Like the Morganton water supply.  If the Real Estate Developers cannot force people to sell cheapo and they cannot make their huge profits and commissions, see how fast the need for a lake in Upper Cleveland County goes away.

The Water Board, however, has bought into (or perhaps been “induced” into) the lake idea so much that they have dropped the Sanitary District name and focused solely on building a lake that is not needed.  They have even tried to sneak around the Army Corp of Engineers (who say the lake is not needed and if more water is needed, there are much lower cost options to get the water) and got caught red-handed in the process.

The Water Board incumbent Board members running for re-election also boycotted a Political Forum put on by the Republican Women of Cleveland County in order to avoid having to answer questions from the people of Cleveland County.  Only one Water Board Candidate showed up.  The challenger candidate Winston McKee.  And McKee answered every question without hesitation.

McKee clearly stated that the lake was not needed and he would not spend hundreds of millions of dollars of taxpayer dollars on a lake that was not needed, especially when much cheaper ways of getting extra water supplies are available.  McKee clearly stated he would not support a lake to make big profits only for real estate developers.

We were convinced.

We recommend Winston McKee for the County Water Board.  And only Winston McKee as the three other candidates are incumbents and need to be replaced with common sense folks like Winston McKee.  We recommend voting for Winston McKee on Election Day.  And take someone with you to vote.  Take a crowd.


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