Community Group Speaks Out to School Board

Community Group Speaks Out to School Board
Reported by Robert A. Williams

As previously announced a meeting was held on the Court Square at 6PM Monday afternoon May 19, 2014. The group putting on the meeting were a group of Ministers from various churches in Cleveland County who had heard a rumor that the Cleveland County School Board intended to hire a superintendent that was not the best qualified, but was known to be closely related to the current CCS Board.

The rumor that I had heard from other sources was that the choice for CCS superintendent was Dr. Steve Fisher from Kings Mountain who besides going to church with Board Members Kathy Falls, Shearra Miller, Jerry Hoyle and present ( for a few more weeks anyway) Superintendent Bruce Boyles.

The group’s message delivered on the Court Square was presented by Pastor Melvin Clark. The message is provided word for word below.

“It was the expectations from many of us as community leaders that Cleveland County in the process of selecting a new school superintendent would take this opportunity to seek the best candidate that could promote change in our county.

It appears the school board is practicing the same philosophy of hiring which they have applied in the past spending money on a consultant, however, going with what they’ve always done and that concept is friends and families; hiring best fit, not most qualified.

It is time for change in Cleveland County. This is not the best hire for our county. We the community leaders and citizens of Cleveland County are prepared to show the Cleveland County school board that we are not happy, if in fact the rumor is true, as to who they are planning on hiring and that person is within the current administration. We will do whatever it takes if it means we make our decisions at the voting poll in the next election. We just want justice, fairness and change in our county.

Several of the leaders in Cleveland County, self included, are preparing to remind the school board that our community has a voice by offering protest at sporting events (and) school functions just to name a few within legal ramifications . It is our intention to remind the school board members they are the voice of the community. We refuse not to have our voice heard. We expect you to do the right things and give us a chance with change to this school administration.”

[Editor’s Note: We agree with this message that change is needed at Cleveland County Schools. It appears that the arrogance of the old-guard school board members, Jack Hamrick, Phillip Glover, Jerry Hoyle, Kathy Falls, Shearra Miller and perhaps others may be coming home to roost for the Cleveland County School Board. The next election for five of the current School Board members is next year-2015.]

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