Commissioners Vote for Tax Increase!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

But, what takes the cake in sneakiness in several ways is as follows.

• The Commissioner’s Agenda for this Item says “RESOLUTION IN SUPPORT OF 0.25 CENT SALES TAX REFERENDUM. The actual Resolution is entitled Resolution Supporting One Quarter Percent ($0.25 %) Local Sales and Use Tax Referendum. Note that there is a 100 times difference between $0.25 and 0.25 cent. $0.25 % is a mathematically meaningless term separated by a factor of 100. This kind of arithmetic is what politicians like to use to fool the people on what the tax will actually be. The $90,000 noted above was figured at 0.25 cent. That number may be $9,000,000 if figured at $0.25 %. Who knows what the Cleveland County Commissioners will come up with when they use arithmetic like this. I can only suppose they will use whatever will generate them the most money to waste.

• Notice that this resolution is to put this tax increase on the November Election ballot. These fool commissioners believe the citizens of Cleveland County are foolish enough to take the burden of their money wasting mismanagement off the shoulders of the commissioners and put it upon ourselves. Also, it is a publicity scam. The commissioners want to continue to say that they have never raised taxes because if we vote for this, we are doing it ourselves.

• Now, read the resolution closely. Especially Section 2 which says: “Section 2: It is the intention of the Cleveland County Commissioners to distribute funds to Public Safety Agencies across the county including Volunteer Fire Departments, the Sheriff’s Office, County Public Safety Departments as well as Municipal Pubic Safety Partners.” Do you know who these “Municipal Public Safety Partners” are? Shelby and Kings Mountain!!! These folks have their own budgets and taxes, but you can bet the Shelby and Kings Mountain commissioners (all of them) will make sure Shelby and KM gets the lions share of this tax increase. You can also be sure Shelby and KM voters will vote for this tax increase that will spread their costs to the rest of us dumb bumpkins that live outside their city limits. Same as what happened with merging the schools. Same as the big auditoriums and swimming pools at Shelby and Kings Mountain High Schools while Burns and Crest have none.

Folks, my recommendation is to vote against this resolution in November. I am sure we will all be told that if we vote “against” our houses may burn down, we can’t get an ambulance to take us to the hospital and criminals will run wild on the streets. That is all hokum. The commissioners can fund our public safety services just like they always have and quit hiring their wives and families to taxpayer paid jobs. They can also quit sinking taxpayer funds into unnecessary projects that do not pay for themselves and never will. Like the LeGrand Center where Commissioner Holbrook has installed his wife as manager. Like the American Legion World Series where Commissioner Holbrook has installed his step daughter in a big paying job while #990 reports to the IRS shows the ALWS is almost a million dollars in debt and can never pay for itself without large infusions of taxpayer dollars and taxpayer grants.

The Commissioners are putting up $250,000 for the Fair, where, because of poor management and large amounts of “missing” money, they have gone broke. (They are blaming bad weather. But it always rains at the Fair.) The $100 million dollar sale of the Hospital has not paid off. All I know about that is the commissioners gave away $$$millions by self financing that deal over 25 years at no interest. The Secret dealings commissioners have with the Economic Development Partnership sucks up millions of tax dollars and enriches only a few. (That story will soon be coming out.) It goes on and on. Our public safety services will only suffer because the commissioners cannot kick their addiction to wasting money. Or should I say wasting money for a corrupt purpose. Stay tuned on that.

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