Commissioners Skip Fallston Fun Fest!!– But Sheriff and Candidate For Judge Lead Parade– Report by Robert A. Williams

It is an election year and three Cleveland County Commissioners are up for re-election. And they all (all five Commissioners) skipped the Fallston “Fun Fest” (Forth of July Celebration) for the first time in years. Just like they skipped out on supporting an auditorium and a swimming pool at Burns and Crest High Schools during their 2016-2017 budget vote at the June 23, 2016 Commissioner’s meeting the week before. (Stay tuned for an forthcoming article about that.) It seems us county folks always get skipped over. Most also seem to not remember the slights we have gotten for the past 50 years and keep on voting for the in-crowd on election day. I suppose we get what we deserve, but don’t forget, I told you so.

Although the Cleveland County Commissioners look down their noses at us common folks in Fallston and all around the Cleveland County countryside, not so with other candidates and elected officials. Sheriff Alan Norman, not up for re-election, led the Parade at the Fallston Fun Fest, followed shortly by Candidate for Judge, Justin Brackett. These folks have not forgotten their political “manners” and know a vote from Fallston is just as good as a vote from Shelby or from Kings Mountain. So we should remember this on election day and turn out big-time, like we did for the Fun Fest, knowing our vote counts just as much but there are more of them than of us. If anybody stays home on election day, let it be them!!!

So, on Election Day, November 8, 2016, all us country folk should turn out over 90% and vote for Justin Brackett for Judge. When Sheriff Norman’s term is up in 2018, let’s put him back in office too-if he wants it.

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