Commissioners Have a Love Fest over DSS Director, Rob Peter to pay Paul in Budget, Raise Taxes Again!!! “Do More with Less” Everybody Else is Told Report, evaluation and analysis by: Robert A. Williams

The May 5, 2015 Cleveland County Commissioner’s meeting may very well go down in history. Before the “official” commissioner’s board meeting that is required by law, Commissioner Chairman and front-man Jason Falls leads a delegation of high county officials over to the Shelby Star to bottle feed commissioner propaganda regarding the 2015-2016 county budget to the Star reporter and whoever is in charge these days at the Star to prevent any public comments or dissenting comments from being included in the Star’s article.

This ruse worked too. The May 6, 2015 Star article was a perfect piece of propaganda. A skilled deception delivered straight to the Star, whose reporters were content to write the article without bothering to actually attend the official meeting . But attending the meeting for the Star was unnecessary as there were ZERO attendance from the general public at the official commissioner’s meeting, with only myself as a reporter and Buford Burton, who spoke against the Kings Mountain Casino, siting there alone amongst the forty or so County and DSS employees who were present. Including Sheriff Alan Norman.

This article will accurately describe the official Commissioner’s meeting and my question and answer session with County Manager Jeff Richardson directly after the meeting. Plus some follow up that has totally embarrassed the Cleveland County Department of Social Services. This follow up will likely embarrass the Cleveland County Commissioners too as I am about to expose their latest tax increase. One that they are sure to lie about and deny during the 2016 election-as they did in the 2014 election.

The meeting:

The May 5, 2015 County Commissioner’s meeting opened at 6:02 PM in the Commissioner’s chambers. All commissioners were present. The agenda was very short and the meeting, for most, was likely to be over quickly.

The Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag was recited and the US Flag was highlighted by a light that is sometimes turned off for the meetings. A prayer, unlike the cowardly CCS School Board Meeting’s moment of silence, was also presented. The room full of county government managers and DSS employees next heard the county department managers recognized. Elected county officials attending were County Register of Deeds Bonnie Reese and Sheriff Alan Norman. The County Coroner Robbie Morgan, Clerk of Court Mitzi Johnson, District Attorney Mike Miller and the courthouse judges did not attend.

Then the show began:

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