Cleveland County Schools-Trouble in Paradise Part I. New Problems – Same as the Old Problems

But the discussions were not over. As soon as the official meeting was adjourned I approached Donnie Thurman Jr. and reminded him that his question regarding CCS’s own education plan/budget had not been answered. I then brought up the point with Roger Harris about the parliamentary shenanigans pulled by the CCS Chairman regarding the motions and vote on the personnel report. I was soon joined by Robert Queen who had also picked up on the total lack of following CCS Board procedures on conducting meetings by the CCS Board Chairman. Mr. Hamrick discussed something about whether or not the motions to amend were “friendly motions” or not although that did not matter since the motion, once made and seconded, belongs to the whole board and not to the person making the motion. I asked Mr. Harris why he did not use available parliamentary rules that could have prevented such a shenanigan from succeeding? Mr. Harris stated that he believed he did not have the votes to carry that through. My reply to Roger Harris was that I wish he had tried. My thoughts were, who needs an elected official who will not stand up for what is right and to protect the rights of the people that elected them? I was remembering the look on Roger Harris’s face during the meeting when it was obvious that he knew that a wrong was being done, that he knew how to stop it, but he remained silent. And since he remained silent during the vote, his vote was counted as an “aye” which actually supported the wrong that was being done.

I can see no reason why Roger Harris should be re-elected in 2015. Nor why Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Jerry Hoyle or Richard Hooker should be re-elected either. It is a shame a recall election is not available right now as a way to clear the CCS Board of members who refuse to represent what is right and to represent the wishes of the citizens who elected them in the first place.

As I looked around after talking with Roger Harris, the remainder of the Board members had mostly left by the side door closest to them. I suppose they do this so they won’t have to rub shoulders with citizens who attend CCS Board meetings.

Folks, ya gotta get out to vote on November 4, 2014 as well as Election Day in 2015. Otherwise make sure you have an AR-15 Assault Rifle and plenty of ammunition for the next Declaration of Independence and supporting revolution. Isn’t getting yourself informed and voting easier, cheaper and less dangerous that fighting off an armed mob trying to take all your stuff you worked all your life for?

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