Cleveland County Schools-Trouble in Paradise Part I. New Problems – Same as the Old Problems

6. Now we look at the employees who support the schools. There are school lunchrooms, school maintenance requirements, bus driver requirements, etc. It is estimated that 2-5 million dollars worth of renovation at the Central Offices was done by CCS Maintenance to keep the overall renovation budget under $9 million. So much work done on one project for such a relatively short time indicates the Maintenance Dept. at CCS is overstaffed. Then, there are the overall administration requirements ran from the Central Offices. Lots of big paychecks here that are 3, 4, 5, and perhaps 6, 7 or 8 times that of a teacher or teacher’s assistant. Lots of room for savings here. And the total need to justify each position.

7. Other apparently frivolous items such as Billboards, consulting fees from the Star, GPS’s for every school bus, etc. needs to be justified.

8. Whether or not any of the non teaching items at CCS that can be out-sourced need to be evaluated for cost competitiveness relative to an excessive number of CCS employees being on hand without a lot of things to do. This is reinforced with the evaluation that many CCS employees, especially high level administrative employees, spent excessively large percentages of their time out shopping on CCS credit cards.

9. Educators and Administration would take all of the above actions that are necessary to educate children and to directly support the education of our children would be developed and rolled up into an education plan for the Children of Cleveland County and presented to the CCS Board, especially Donnie Thurman, Jr., the Superintendent and perhaps David Lee. Dollar amounts can then be assigned to each task in the Education Plan that would then be rolled into a budget that can actually be defended to the CCS Board and the General Assembly in Raleigh. It is suggested that the budget process used in Burke County Schools be evaluated since Burke County Schools 2014-2015 Budget is $50 million less than Cleveland County although Burke County only has about 1,500 less students than CCS.

10..Last but not least, CCS should note that Cleveland County Commissioners raise a 15 cent per $100 evaluation on Cleveland County property for CCS to educate our children. Recently the Commissioners have changed their disbursement to CCS to a per student basis and this amount has been decreased by about $1 million while the tax collection has not decreased. It would be wise for CCS to take steps to review the payments received by CCS from the Commissioners to ensure CCS has not been short changed by the Cleveland County Commissioners.

Back to the August 11, 2014 CCS Board Meeting

After the Budget discussion, the CCS Board hear reports regarding a new CCS website, Student Transfers a Grover right of way request and approval of the Head Start Program. The Grover right of way request was considered too one way for Grover . Danny Blanton brought up that he had recently purchased property adjoining the Grover School property that was not shown on the map that was provided for the Board to review. The other board members appeared to disbelieve Blanton regarding his stated property purchase. Although the Grover right of way request did not affect Blanton’s alleged property acquisition it appeared CCS would have better use of CCS property if the small Grover street was shifted more toward the property Blanton said he had acquired..
Anyway the Grover right of way request was tabled pending further negotiation with Grover and the official meeting was adjourned.

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