Cleveland County Schools-Trouble in Paradise Part I. New Problems – Same as the Old Problems

    The Personnel Report

was the biggest controversy of the August 21 CCS Board meeting. Another long personnel report with many resignations and other “problems” being kept secret by the CCS Board. From the git-go Chairman Jack Hamrick wanted this item approved without any discussion. In a nano-second after Chairman Hamrick opened the Personnel Report to the Board, Co-Chairperson Shearra Miller made the motion “to accept the personnel report.” Board member Phillip Glover seconded the motion. Now, according to the CCS Boards approved parliamentary procedures, Robert’s Rules of Order, Revision 10, calls for discussion and/or other actions.

Board member Roger Harris then makes a motion to amend the original motion to allow voting on the four sections of the personnel report separately for this meeting only. Danny Blanton seconds that motion. All this is proper. Then Danny Blanton says, “I make a motion to amend the amended motion to add that the personnel report should be voted on section by section at every meeting.” Blanton goes on in supporting his motion be stating that the way the CCS Board had been doing things regarding the personnel report, that “if you had one problem with one item in one section, you had to vote “no” to the whole report. Chairman Hamrick stated the Board had charged the Superintendent with overseeing personnel and he wanted it to stay that way. Hamrick asked Shearra Miller if she agreed with allowing her original motion to be amended. Miller says “I do not agree with allowing my motion to be amended,” which is a total disregard to Robert’s Rules of Order procedures.

Then Chairman Jack Hamrick calls for a vote on the original motion, to Approve the Personnel Report in total. All in favor, say “Aye” said Hamrick. As I was sitting directly in front of Roger Harris in the second row and knowing that Roger Harris knew Hamrick was wrong and saying nothing, I watched Roger Harris closely and was hoping the camera recording the meeting would catch Harris. When Hamrick called for the vote Roger Harris did not say “aye” and he did not raise his hand.. When Hamrick called for “All opposed say No,” Roger Harris again did not say No and did not raise his hand.

However, Danny Blanton and Kathy Falls said “NO” simultaneously. Hamrick asked for a recount on the No’s and Blanton and Falls stated that they had indeed voted NO. Harris said noting, but had this “far-away” look on his face as if he knew something was wrong and he should do something but was deciding to say and do nothing. Kind of like the time Harris was Principal at Crest High School and a female teacher was identified as allegedly having a felonious sexual relationship with a student. The female teacher’s father was and still is active in Cleveland County politics and the teacher was reassigned instead of being criminally prosecuted. I know the Cleveland County Sheriff was informed of the teacher’s criminal sexual acts as I had received the anonymous report and passed it along, in writing, to Sheriff Raymond Hamrick. And Sheriff Hamrick notified me that criminal charges would be take out, but then changed his mind.

What a shame. The CCS Board has swept another or perhaps many more personnel related problems under the rug like this. Just like they did when Caron Blanton, Edward Miller and other sex offenders had their names on the personal report. One item of interest is that Kathy Falls had voted “NO” right along with Danny Blanton. This appears to be the first time ever Kathy Falls has voted NO on any controversial vote in a CCS Board meeting. Perhaps Kathy Falls has seen the light regarding problems at CCS that require the CCS Board to take action. Hopefully that is true and just as hopefully Kathy Falls will join in on the effort to make positive changes to CCS and how things are run at CCS. And Donnie Thurman, Jr., and Roger Harris and Jerry Hoyle will join in too. If these most likely Board members will join with Danny Blanton, real improvements can be made immediately and the MAJORITY can over-rule the iron-fisted defense of the old guard headed up by Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Phillip Glover and Richard Hooker.

Folks, this meeting report ain’t over yet. Read on.

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