Cleveland County Schools-Trouble in Paradise Part I. New Problems – Same as the Old Problems

Finally, we have had two official meetings of the CCS Board with Dr. Fisher as the official superintendent. Those meetings were held July 21 and August 11, 2014.

So, what has happened? The people who have come to the meetings and observed the meetings closely concur that we may have a new superintendent, but we have the same old majority on the School Board who have not learned their lesson. We have a new superintendent but we also have the same old problems and the same old school board covering them up.

Let’s explain in detail.

The July 21, 2014 meeting added a moment of silence to the Agenda. This was supposedly a compromise to actually saying a Prayer – which is Constitutional according to the US Supreme Court and the NC General Assembly. Danny Blanton and Donnie Thurman, Jr. apparently favored a Prayer at the June Board workshop, but no vote was taken and CCS Board Chairman bulled through with a moment of silence. The Cleveland County Commissioners begin their meetings with a Prayer as well as the Burke County Board of Education and other government agencies. Our bull headed and don’t give a damn about the people School Board took the easy way out of this controversy. The School Board Election of 2015 should straighten out the Prayer issue. This same issue derailed the political careers of Democrat Dean Westmoreland and Commissioner Joyce Cashion back in the mid 90’s. I expect the same history repeating itself for School Board members Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Roger Harris, Jerry Hoyle and Richard Hooker in 2015.

The July 21, 2014 meeting started with an hour and a half closed session to discuss personnel matters. However, the personnel report that contained many many teachers resigning was approved 8-0 in open session (Danny Blanton abstained) without discussion, except that a teacher’s working condition survey results would be ready at the August 11, 2014 meeting.

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