Cleveland County Schools-Trouble in Paradise Part I. New Problems – Same as the Old Problems

Report By Robert A. Williams

Most people realize by now that former CCS Superintendent Dr. Bruce Boyles did not retire from CCS, he resigned under pressure. Resignation with a 90 day notice was Boyles’ only option to break his multi-year contract that had been extended by the CCS Board before the 2013 election through 2017 or thereabouts. By resigning Boyles left about $600,000 in pay and benefits from CCS on the table, which makes it hard to comprehend why Boyles did such a thing if he did not have to.

Dr. Boyles, according to those who paid attention and had inside information, indicate he seemed to have weathered the original firestorm from the financial problems and credit card scandals first brought forward by School Board Candidate Danny Blanton. But, although Dr. Boyles was protected by the other eight CCS Board members, the pointed and much more focused questions separately raised by others and by me, specifically using the Freedom of Information Act laws, would not allow Boyles and the CCS Board to just let the scandals to just go away without ever having to answer up with the truth about the large sums that were improperly and perhaps fraudulently spent or just wastefully spent. From all the pieces of the puzzle that seem to fit what might have influenced Dr. Boyles to resign (and “miraculously” land a well paying job at Gardner-Webb University), it seems this is the likely scenario: Dr. Boyles would be the fall-guy for the CCS Board and take the hit for the Board who had been and were ultimately responsible for the shenanigans at CCS. By Boyles resigning, the public interest would be shifted to finding a new superintendent. The Gardner-Webb job would insure Boyles had a soft place to land with plenty of money and the CCS Board would just hunker down until Election time in 2015, depending on the short memory of Cleveland County voters and hoping all would all be forgotten regarding the CCS financial scandals.

Of course the CCS Board never figured the sex scandals at Burns Middle School, Crest High School, Crest Middle School, Shelby High School and Springmore Elementary School would ever come out. They never figured on people getting so riled up about the CCS Board wasting $15,000 on a new superintendent search, the NAACP protesting CCS hiring practices, the Danny Blanton Townhall Meeting where the teacher’s fear of CCS admin retaliation and other such problems at CCS were brought out front and center. The CCS Board has stonewalled through all of that stuff too.

So now Dr. Bruce Boyles is gone from CCS and home-boy Dr. Steven Fisher is the new superintendent as well as Dr. William Dixon being secretly hired as the new Assistant Superintendent to take Dr. Fisher’s place when he was appointed Superintendent. Of course Dr. Fisher’s appointment has taken lots of heat due to his “familiarity” with Board members Jerry Hoyle, Shearra Miller and Kathy Falls as well as Dr. Bruce Boyles. It is believed by many that the rapid hiring of Dr. Dixon by the CCS Board was done to appease the NAACP and quieten them down. We are not so sure that will happen with the NAACP in this day and time though.

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