Cleveland County Schools Sexpot Scandal Update Caron Blanton Pleads Guilty-Nine Felony Charges Plea Bargain–20 Days in County Jail Report By Robert A. Williams

The story that went around the world last year ended up in a fizzle in the Cleveland County Courthouse on April 1, 2015. An April Fools Day in Court ended up fit for an April Fools Day story when Burns Middle School science teacher Caron Elizabeth Blanton, 35, charged with nine felony sex charges stemming from Blanton sending pornographic videos and pictures to at least two of her students. And got twenty seven days in the county jail for her trouble according to Sheriff’s Department documents. According to Sheriff’s Department documents Blanton was arrested April 1, 2015 after her guilty plea and her expected release date is April 27, 2015. Sources say Caron Blanton is expected to get out of jail in twenty days with credit for good behavior.

This twenty day sentence was the culmination of a sweetheart “plea bargain” with the new District Attorney’s Office. What can I say folks. I told you so!!! I warned you last year in my 2014 Election Year recommendations that the new DA would probably be as bad as the old DA with his plea bargain deals. But my recommendations were ignored in this case by the majority of the voters. Since the new year swearing in of the new district attorney I was actually predicting Caron Blanton would get off with a “not guilty” verdict as the new DA was keeping the same old crowd as his felony prosecutors with their poor record of prosecutions. Who knows? Perhaps even the former DA himself would have plea bargained for at least thirty days. This should be a good example of “crime pays” in Cleveland County. We got what YOU voted for.

The actual court file for Caron Blanton’s April Fool’s Day in Court will be obtained and provided to our readers shortly. As my last trip to the courthouse a month or so ago indicated there was NO court case scheduled by the DA’s Office for the Caron Blanton Case, I suspect some hanky panky went on here. I bet nobody would make a wager that there was no hanky panky down at the courthouse on 100 N. Justice Place.

Caron Blanton’s Attorney was Daniel Talbert of the Teddy, Meekins & Talbert law firm in Shelby, NC.

Also note that the Springmore Elementary School teacher Ed Miller plea bargained his ten felony sex charges down to one (statutory rape) for prison sentencing and two charges of child abuse for probation sentencing earlier this year. Miller got sixteen years (predicted out in six years) and is cooling his ardor for young girls down at Central Prison in Raleigh right now.

I suspect Ed Miller will be filing for release very soon on the basis of his constitutional right to equal protection (and equal punishment) under the law. Ed Miller and the rest of Cleveland County can see that some citizens in Cleveland County are more equal than others down at the courthouse. Nothing new there.

From the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Dept website:



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