Cleveland County Schools Getting Better??? –At Covering Up Failure !!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

We could throw those CCS Board members out, but do we have enough critical thinkers to do so. That is a question that only time will tell.

In the meantime about all we can do is sharpen our critical thinking skills so when the time comes in 2017 we can make some changes. We can also exercise our critical thinking skills by going to School Board meetings, speak out to the CCS Board and demand actions be done to improve the education of Cleveland County Students. AND not be overly influenced by the smelly stuff the local and national media is putting out. Now and in the future.

Just as the Shelby Star and national media are spreading false or misleading information like the two articles analyzed in this article, we have to exercise critical thinking in who we vote for in the 2016 Elections. See my next article regarding the issues that critical thinkers should use to determine who to vote for in this years Presidential Election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Also, scroll back for my recommendations as noted on my 2016 Voter’s Guide and Marked up Sample Ballot for all the 2016 candidates as well as the proposed sales tax increase.

Folks, Early voting has started and the close of the 2016 Elections will be November 8, 2016. Use your critical thinking skills. Vote for Donald Trump for President and the others recommended on down the ballot, ending up voting against the sales tax. Cleveland County critical thinkers, show the world what you can do on Election Day 2016.

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