Cleveland County Schools Getting Better??? –At Covering Up Failure !!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

The very last sentence in this article was reportedly from a little girl getting ready to start kindergarten. The girl was quoted as saying “I’m excited to start school.” All you critical thinkers, how can you believe a four to maybe five year old would say that? Proper grammar and all??

Now, let’s look at a second article in the Star that was printed just a few days ago. The article, “County SAT Scores Rise” was written by the same reporter as the Back to Excellence article, so read the article for confirmation of what I am about to say.

The article begins with a positive spin that CCS 2016 SAT scores improved by 34 points and a CCS Official says he is pleased that the district has improved its overall SAT Scores. The official went on to say “I’d think it would be attributed to the rigor in the classroom,” he said. “Our goal, right now, is to figure out what can we do to help improve SAT and ACT scores.” Then the article went into some details and probably most Shelby Star readers without critical thinking skills, at that point, just moved on to the funny papers.

Readers with critical thinking skills would have gone on to read the rest of the article and come away disgusted.

Sure, State records show CCS schools overall improved their SAT scores but not only did the CCS Schools average scores NOT meet the National average, the did NOT even meet the North Carolina average score either. Also, the article included scores for all Cleveland County High School and Kings Mountain High School had the best average score in Cleveland County, Burns had the worst SAT Scores and the highly touted Cleveland Early College scores were worse than Burns. All of the Cleveland County High Schools on average and individually failed to meet US and NC average scores. An obvious failure for all of the CCS’ Board’s goals and talking points about Excellence.

And all that failure despite Cleveland County Schools having $155 million to spend on education for the 2015-2016 school year… So it is readily apparent that plenty of money was available for education so the problem at CCS must be somewhere else. Either the CCS Board or the CCS administrative staff have failed our children, or, if you are totally open to critical thinking, Cleveland County students are just below average in mental capacity as these SAT test scores indicate.

But, critical thinkers are also logical thinkers. We can change out the school board if there is sufficient political will. We can also change out the CCS Administration. We cannot change out our children. So what do we do? Well, historically we have done nothing but accept the status quo. Last year we stayed home in record numbers on Election Day and put the same ole school board crowd right back into office despite having 11 other candidates wanting the job. Perhaps in the 2017 School Board elections we can re-elect Dr. Danny Blanton and throw out Phillip Glover, Kathy Falls and Rev. Donnie Thurman, Jr. and replace Glover, Falls and Thurman with critical thinkers as our best option.

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