Cleveland County Schools Getting Better??? –At Covering Up Failure !!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Before we get into the details of this article, think about this.

Critical thinking is when a person, upon hearing a report, watching TV news or reading a newspaper such as the Shelby Star takes the unconfirmed information and matches it up with what that person knows to be true or facts prove it is true. That is why I often include in my articles documents that prove what I say is true. I am trying to “train” my readers to use critical thinking, not only regarding what I say or publish, but with what others, such as the CCS School Board and the Shelby Star, says or prints.

For instance, I have stated and published that, on occasion, often many occasions, certain elected officials are liars and crooks. I am safe in making such statements when the official actually said something that was not true or does something that violates the laws of North Carolina or the United States of America. And just because the District Attorney won’t prosecute the offender for the lies and illegal acts, does not mean there was no lie or no illegal conduct. Look at the CCS credit card abuse and fraud for a good example of that.

Also, remember there is such a thing called “propaganda” where half truths are twisted to deceive the public or half the truth is told, but the other half of the truth is left out-with the same purpose-to deceive the public. Election year politics are full of propaganda.

Now, Let’s look into two classic cases of deception that are not associated with election year politics to make the determination of the truth more simple.

First, right about the time Cleveland County Schools were getting ready to start up for the 2016-2017 school year, in August, the Star printed an article that did not say “Back to School” but said “Back to Excellence”

In the article, Superintendent Stephen Fisher is quoted as saying: “Instead of back-to-school, I think it is better phrased as ‘back-to-excellence’ thanks to our staff’s continued commitment to our community‚Äôs students and families,” Fisher was also quoted as saying “I trust that everyone will have a fantastic first day, and I am excited about the opportunities for excellence that are ahead.” Of course there will be some opportunities for excellence, but more likely, as school records indicate, there will be many more opportunities for failure. Like almost half of students who will graduate next year without being able to read proficiently or to sign their own paycheck when they finally do get their first low paying job. Those students that do well in school, despite all the problems at CCS, will most likely go away to college, find a better paying job elsewhere and visit Cleveland County every once in while. Maybe.

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