Cleveland County Schools Failure at James Love Elementary School ???–School Board Lies ??? –New North Shelby School Falling Into a Trap ???– Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

Folks, don’t believe a word I am about to say about the information I am about to provide to you. Don’t believe it when I call the CCS “Continuous Improvement Plan” a failure because the so-called plan never identifies and fixes problems. Don’t even scroll back to read my articles about the foolish and unnecessary ways the School Board is wasting money trying to build the New North Shelby School Project at James Love Elementary School because, they say, James Love will provide a better instructional environment than any other location.

Just read the following anonymous survey of the James Love Elementary School taken in 2016 as compared with a similar survey taken in 2014. This survey was taken by “NC Listens” at all the schools in Cleveland County and every school in North Carolina. It seems to me the James Love School scores have dropped like a rock, often to well below a flunking grade, in many categories. I would think this is one good reason CCS wants the low performance James Love School to be taken outside the scope of State mandated scoring requirements. But Hey, Don’t believe me on that either. See for yourself. Form your own opinion. Ask your School Board why they are not doing anything “Positive” about this.

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