Cleveland County Schools Fail Another Test!!!– Report by Robert A. Williams

The school board election of 2015 is heating up red hot. Seventeen candidates are running for five seats on the Board and the incumbents are calling in their favors for the $Hundreds of thousands CCS wastefully spent on the Star for useless billboards, phony consulting services and buying newspapers for the classroom that get sent straight to the dump-unread. The only excuse for such wasteful spending must be to get favorable coverage from the Star. If only in the headlines.

The latest example is a Star article published yesterday August 30, 2015 entitled “County Schools Working to Get Students College Ready”.

But, hey, the title sounds relatively good for the incumbent school board candidates, but the article shows the schools are failing. When I was going to school grades of below 70 were failing. Burns High School spent tons of student time teaching the students to pass the test, but only 66% passed. Overall for Cleveland County only 69% passed. And, according to CCS and the Star, that is an improvement. This is a sad commentary on our schools, especially since the tests were on English, Math, Reading and Science. Only 40% of students were proficient in three of the four noted areas of the test. No wonder all our jobs are going overseas or somewhere else beside Cleveland County.

This time I won’t try to cipher all this out for you. Go read the Star article by clicking HERE. Make up your own mind. To me running students through a big rigmarole with such a failure rate is something that needs more thought. Why not use the student time to educate the students in the school subject matter instead of trying to only teach to a test?

Folks, ignore the phony title the Star put on this article and actually read the article. See for yourself why we need to clean house on the School Board on Election Day. Stay tuned to this station. We will evaluate all the candidates and recommend five that will turn CCS around into a school system that “educates instead of indoctrinates.” We want School Board members who will “serve and not swerve.” (These quotes are from one of the School Board Candidates that we intend to recommend.,)

Stay Tuned!!! Election Day is November 3, 2015. Elect new brooms that sweep clean!!!

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