Cleveland County Schools-Board of Education– Forever Stuck on Stupid !!! — Trouble in Paradise, Pt V–

Report and analysis by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County Boards of Education is stuck on stupid, and apparently PROUD to be so stupid.

We showed you the clip of the last School Board meeting (Sept 22, 2014) where Jerry Hoyle, Kathy Falls and Shearra Miller each gave a bit of a speech acknowledging that they didn’t have a clue about any of the items they were about to vote for, but were going to vote and did for it anyway. Jack Hamrick, Richard Hooker and Phillip Glover didn’t say anything but voted along with Hoyle, Miller and Falls to approve the personnel report without discussion over the motion by Danny Blanton, seconded by Donnie Thurman, Jr. to break the report down into sections and discuss and vote on each section separately.

This was all reported in our

    Trouble In Paradise IV

article. Please go back and re-read that article as a part of this article because the CCS Board repeated their Stuck on Stupid stunt again in the October 13, 2014 Meeting which is the subject of this article.

Folks, The CCS Board has their “stuck on stupid” moment(s) at just about every Board Meeting. Let’s name just a few before we continue with what happened October 13th.

1. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of numerous allegations (and some obvious) of fraudulent misuse of CCS Credit Cards, Accounts and P-Cards.
2. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of internal complaints, warnings and nine criminal felony sexual related charges against Burns Middle School Teacher Caron Blanton.
3. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of ten criminal felony sexual related charges against Springmore Elementary School Music Teacher Edward Miller.
4. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of criminal felony sexual related allegations against an un-named Shelby High School Teacher that was forced to resign.
5. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of why Crest Middle School Teacher Bethany Miller was forced to resign because politics were “too hot” for the School Board to bear.
6. The CCS Board has never conducted an internal investigation of sexual related allegations against any CCS teachers or personnel.
7. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of why a teacher with good evaluations and 18 years of service was discharged and twenty or so new teachers were hired.
8. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of criminal felony sexual related allegations against an un-named CCS Teacher(s) that were forced to resign or transfer (or both).
9. The CCS Board is not conducting an internal investigation of the punching and pepper spraying or a Kings Mountain High School female student by a school resource officer that required hospitalization treatment of the student.
10. The CCS Board has not conducted an internal investigation of allegations that CCS public records were shredded in order to obstruct justice and cover up potential criminal activity by up to 200 CCS employees with CCS credit cards or P-Cards.

Folks, that is a lot of stuck on stupid for a list that only mentions the most egregious stupidity that has only recently been unearthed as being covered up by CCS.

But, then there was the CCS Board meeting this past Monday. October 13, 2014. Stuck on stupid was again out in force.

It was the same old routine with a bigger cover-up twist this time. Again, Danny Blanton made the motion to break the personnel report into several sections. Only this time Donnie Thurman, Jr. did not second the motion. Apparently Thurman was scolded by other Board Members, perhaps by Jerry Hoyle, Kathy Falls and Shearra Miller who made fools of themselves that was caught on camera the last time out.

Because no one seconded Blanton’s motion they didn’t have to vote on it this time.

They even went further in covering up Blanton’s motion on October 13, 2014. This time they didn’t even record the motion in the draft minutes of the meeting. Like the motion didn’t happen because it wasn’t seconded and no discussion was made. That was in error. A BIG Error that could only have been made for one reason, to cover up the embarrassment of the Board being caught again in a cover-up. What the minutes should have said was “A motion was made by Board Member Danny Blanton to break down the personnel report into sections. That motion died because of a lack of a second.”

Perhaps when the Board Members read this article, as they do, they will include Blanton’s motion in the official minutes that will be voted on at the next Board Meeting. If I was Danny Blanton, I would make the comment myself if the draft minutes are not changed to include his motion. Even though the motion was not considered, it was properly made and should be recorded into the official minutes as well as why the motion was not considered.

Perhaps I should sign up for “citizens recognition” and remind the CCS Board that Blanton’s motion was not shown in the draft minutes that are shown on the CCS website.

I like to expose cover-ups, no matter where I find them!!!

Now, back to the meeting. And the personnel report.

Danny Blanton has made motions, some seconded, most not seconded, to break down the personnel reports into sections and perhaps individuals to allow discussion on problems that are happening (such as hiring sexual predators, unqualified personnel and high turnovers) instead of just rubber-stamping CCS administration cover-ups. Officially speaking the CCS Board has not allowed ANY discussion of problems. Even the “Good News” section of the CCS Board Meeting Agenda was deleted to make sure that Board Member Danny Blanton did not have any way to speak up at Board meetings. Yet, the agenda for the October 13, 2014 separated the personnel report into two sections, the student transfers being separated from the rest of the personnel reports. A separation of reports the Board just voted against at the September 22, 2014 meeting and the Board refused to reconsider it at the very same October 13, 2014 Board meeting that it was separated. Apparently Danny Blanton has caused the CCS Board to have conniption fits trying to keep the old rubber stamping ways of keeping secrets at CCS intact as business as usual.

So, why would the CCS Board separate the personnel reports and have two votes when they have been fighting so hard not to do this? Why would the CCS Board now separate the Student Transfers section out of the Personnel Reports other sections when they just voted not to do that? Perhaps the anonymous letter I received that that was also sent to Danny Blanton, Dr. Stephan Fisher and Dr. Brian Hunnel and all the other Board members might tell the tale on the CCS Board’s cover-up on their personnel reports that was the cause of this latest incident of a “stuck on stupid” moment at their October 13th Board meeting. The reason for this aberration appears to be the same reason why the head knockers at Gardner-Webb University changed grades for a student athlete a few years back that caused such a controversy and a scandal that lasted over ten years when the truth came out.

Time will tell whether or not the CCS Board will come clean on this most recent fiasco totally caused by the Board’s need to cover-up when they are not willing to properly execute the duties of their elected offices. The CCS Board has not had to fully face up to the reality that they are elected by the people to oversee the CCS, not to rubber stamp it. But you can rest assured in the 2015 election cycle CCS Board Members Jerry Hoyle, Roger Harris, Richard Hooker, Dr. Jack Hamrick and “don’t want to hear any complaints” Board Member Shearra Miller will face hard questions by the people should they chose to run for re-election to the CCS Board. I expect five new CCS Board Members will be sworn-in in December 2015.

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