Clerk of Court in Rowan County Kentucky Jailed for Refusing to Issue Marriage Licenses to Homo Couple– Suggestion by Robert A. Williams

US District Court Judge David Bunning has ordered Rowan County Clerk of Court Kim Davis to the federal pen for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses to homosexual couples. This is the same marriage Cleveland County overwhelmingly voted against (80%) a few years ago before another crazy federal judge ruled that the NC Constitution was unconstitutional. Clerk Davis, per Bunning’s Order will remain in federal prison until she complies with his order to issue the licenses.

Good for Clerk of Court Kim Davis. She stands up for what she believes a lot better than most folks around here or anywhere else.

My suggestion is to bring Hillary Clinton before Judge David Bunning regarding Hillary’s missing email scandal. Lois Lerner too. Let Judge Bunning send those two to federal prison until they comply with court orders.

Wouldn’t that be a Hoot.

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