Is NOW the Premier Source of Political News in Cleveland County!!! If You Don’t Read It Here, It Didn’t Happen. Or, It Didn’t Happen Like Others Might Say it Happened!!! Report By Robert A. Williams

Here at the we don’t go chasing ambulances. We don’t report who shot whom over in Gastonia or in Florida. We don’t get phony one sided email reports from the Schools, The DSS, The Commissioners, the District Attorney or the Sheriff’s Office and write them up as something we actually sent a reporter to investigate, but didn’t.

When something important politically happens in Cleveland County we DO investigate and tell it like it is. We go to the Courthouse, listen in on cases, look up records, talk to people and officials and make accurate reports, evaluations and speculations. We attend and have often taped Commissioner’s and School Board meetings. We report on the political shenanigans in Cleveland County and who pulled them off. If you go to vote and don’t know anything about the candidates, that is your fault. If you had come to the you would have all the information you needed to decide how to vote on election day. You would have known that your tax money was being wasted and by whom and for what.

That’s what we do. We report the political news in CLEVELAND COUNTY, North Carolina and the USA. That is all we do. We do not sell advertisements (and then have to report how advertisers want us to report) and we do not do obituaries. This is an Election Year and if you want to know what is happening and what the candidates have done or will do, come here first. Then go vote!

We operate according to the First Amendment and we are protected by the Second Amendment.

Wake UP Cleveland County. You will be glad you did.

Editor’s Note: This announcement is made to alert everybody that some heavy stuff is coming down in Cleveland County and it is time for you to get tuned in to the news.

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