Christians Win Big Over School Board !!!– Rev. Dr. Rit Varriale Delivers Perfect Christian Prayer for Cleveland County School Board Meeting– Report and Evaluation By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: This article is in regards to the first CCS School Board meeting in the twenty first century (January 11, 2016) and perhaps way before that, that began with a genuine Christian Prayer. Christian Prayer has been one of the most widely controversial issues ever before the CCS Board (the credit card scandal and the sex scandals never went before the school board like the Prayer issue-the CCS Board totally ignored the sex scandals and totally covered up the credit card scandal) and certainly the issue that brought out the most people to school board meetings right before the school board elections of 2015. The October and November 2015 School board meeting locations were changed twice to larger facilities to accommodate the 1,200+ Christians that turned out for these meetings. We have purposely held off this report to see how the CCS Board and The Shelby Star would report this first 2016 School Board meeting and the Christian Prayer that was delivered. Here it is over ten days later and all the Star has reported is some on the CCS Board want to change the board meeting starting times to 6:00 PM. Now, the time to report on the January 11, 2016 CCS School Board meeting is here. Apparently the CCS Board and the Star do not want the Christians in Cleveland County to celebrate their victory in having Christian Prayer back in the CCS school system. But, it goes much deeper than that. The Devil is doing well in Cleveland County, NC and the USA !!!

For more history on the Prayer issue at CCS, scroll on back a few months and re-read the articles for the details. Bottom line was there were no Invocations at CCS Board meetings. Board member Danny Blanton raised the issue going on two years ago. The issue was discussed at a CCS Board Workshop in 2014. The Board voted against Prayer and for a moment of silence. The Cleveland County Christian Law Enforcement Association, lead by Joel Shores and Rodney Fitch, issued a letter requesting Christians to attend School Board meetings right before Election time 2015 and record numbers showed up and spoke up. Christian citizens and Preachers, including (and especially) Rev. Rit Varriale, showed up and spoke up at School Board meetings. The Charlotte TV news reporters showed up too. Various School Board Forums discussed the Christian Prayer issue. And a new CCS Board Policy on Prayer was passed by the CCS Board in record time.

Now, it is January 11, 2016 and Rev. Dr. Rit Varriale is scheduled to deliver the CCS Board meeting Invocation.

The meeting went like this. Chairman Phillip Glover (who also opposed Prayer so much that he went out to Crest Middle School and had his child removed from Rev. Varriale’s wife’s classroom and transferred into another class–a clear act of abuse of his power as Chairman of the CCS School Board) calls the meeting to order. The next thing on the Agenda is the Invocation and Chairman Glover calls Rev. Varriale to deliver the Invocation. When Rev. Varriale reaches the speaker podium, Chairman Glover suddenly calls for a Moment of Silence (which was not on the Agenda–and Glover always sticks to the agenda and uses it as a weapon to minimize discussion from Board Member Danny Blanton) before allowing Rev. Varriale to deliver the Invocation. Folks, don’t believe a word I say about this. Instead, watch the official CCS Board meeting video straight from the CCS website.

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