Christians Should Stay Away from School Board Meeting???– Witchcraft is Live and Well at CCS and The Star!!!– One Witch Priest Outmaneuvers 200+ Christian Preachers– Report, evaluation and recommendation by Robert A. Williams

On paper it was a no lose situation for Christians. In Cleveland County there are over 200 Christian Churches, only One Wicca “church” and twenty four school board meetings per year. Even if only one half of the Christian Ministers had signed up to deliver the CCS Board meeting invocation for every school board meeting, the chance of a non Christian Prayer ever being chosen to do the Invocation would be pretty close to ZERO.

But, now the Rev. Tony Brown of the NC Piedmont Church of Wicca has been reported by the Shelby Star as the person to deliver the Invocation for the February 8, 2016 School Board meeting. The third school board meeting since adoption of the new CCS Board Prayer Policy.

The Star never covered the first CCS Board meeting where the Rev. Dr. Rit Varriale delivered what I would call a perfect Christian Prayer. The Star never covered the second CCS Board meeting either when Ms. Briscoe delivered a Prayer that may or may not have been a Christian Prayer. But now the Star is all over this third School Board meeting where a totally non-Christian prayer will certainly be delivered by Rev. Brown.

The Star has always been that way. The Star, especially under the now gone editor and publisher Skippy Foster, always supported prostitution, homosexuality, gambling, selling drugs and giving top priority to the witchcraft peddler Rev. Tony Brown. The Star’s old blog always gave top priority to Rev. Tony Brown, other pagans and homosexuals from all over the country. All the while banning anyone who was Christian and espoused Christian viewpoints. Even recently when the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Shelby (which is catty corner across from the CCS Central Offices) was holding their gay pride celebrations and the Star sent over their reporter, who did the Star put on the front page? The Rev. Tony Brown and his inner circle of witches!!!

Of course all of this is a SETUP. For Tony Brown, the Star and the CCS Board against Christians.

If you read between the lines in the Star report you will see where Tony Brown stated he had attended the first CCS Board meeting where Rev. Varriale delivered the invocation. Brown stated “I expect that it’s going to be pretty quiet. I went to the first meeting that had an invocation, and the place was very quiet,” he said. “There weren’t a lot of people there, and I guess I kind of expect it to move forward like that.”

Brown has publicly stated that he previously attended a County Commissioner meeting Invocation over in Lincoln County where a Muslim speaker had out maneuvered the Christians over there to deliver the Invocation for the very first time at a commissioner meeting. The commissioners and audience were so upset that they disrespected the Muslim person and cancelled all future Invocations in favor of a Moment of Silence. Brown must figure the Christians in Cleveland County are just as stupid as the Christians in Lincoln County.

I suspect Brown is right. The Christians in Cleveland County answered the call to show up at CCS Board meetings prior to the 2015 elections to force the CCS Board to initiate a new Prayer Policy. Then the Christians never showed up to actually hear the perfect Christian Prayer that Rev. Varriale delivered to the CCS Board. The place was pretty much empty. Except for me and Tony Brown and just a few others.

The Star too has done their part in this sinister scheme. The Star never gave advance notice that Rev. Rit Varriale was to deliver the first ever Christian Prayer at CCS Board meetings. Nor has the Star reported on Rev. Varriale’s perfect Prayer.

Of course CCS Board Chairman Phillip Glover has his role to play. Glover stated in the Star “We always start out with a moment of silence then turn it over to the guest [for the prayer,]” Glover said. “Tony Brown has been at our board meetings where we’ve had Christian prayer. He showed respect to them and was silent, and I would hope that the public will show him the same respect.” This means that Glover will jump on anything that he deems detrimental to the “respect” Glover believes the Witchcraft High Priest deserves and cancel all future Invocations, just like the Lincoln County crowd did.

My prediction is CCS Board Members Shearra Miller, Kathy Falls, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris, Jeff Jones and maybe Jo Boggs and Donnie Thurman, Jr. will support Glover in suspending Invocations if there is any sign of anything that might “offend” Rev. Brown before, during and after the CCS Board meeting. That is why I am recommending Christians stay away from the February 8, 2016 CCS School Board meeting. Even if every Christian stays away, there is still a chance the CCS crowd will bring in somebody (outside of camera range) to do some hooting and hollering to make the case. But that is how it is. When Christians didn’t show up to applaud Rev. Rit Varriale, they better not show up and make any sort of noise to give Glover and his cronies reason to cut out the Invocations from now on. If that is not already too late.

Folks, the Christian cause to bring Prayer back into Cleveland County Schools may be over without a shot being fired. All the Christian Pastors that didn’t sign up to deliver an Invocation still may not sign up. In the case that nobody signs up to deliver an Invocation at CCS Board meetings, according to the Board Prayer Policy insisted upon by Shearra Miller, the Invocation will revert back to a moment of silence.

But what do you expect from the Citizens and Christians in Cleveland County? Fifty Thousand of you stayed home on Election Day 2015 and let the same old CCS crowd get elected and re-elected. As Forrest Gump would say. “Stupid is as stupid does.”

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