CCS Sex Scandal (Miller) Gets Worse Another Young Girl, DSS and DA’s Office Involved Miller’s Location is Unknown

CCS Sex Scandal (Miller) Gets Worse
Another Young Girl, DSS and DA’s Office Involved
Miller’s Location is Unknown
Reported By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: It pays to return calls on your answering machine. Even when you hear news that will make you sick to your stomach. I recommend you sit down and think some calm thoughts for a few moments, go back and read the previous articles about the Springmore Elementary School Music Teacher, Ed Miller, who is up on 10 felony sex charges before you read this article. Anyway, here it goes.

The caller will remain anonymous as well as a few others that you will hear about for the first time.

First, the report was Ed Miller is not in Taylors, SC, staying with his father, as allowed by the Cleveland County District Attorney Elizabeth Lari, who reduced Miller’s Bond from $500,000 to $75,000 so Miller could get out of jail in the first place. Word is Miller may be somewhere in Pennsylvania, what part is unknown. Whether or not Miller will ever return to face trial is questionable under these circumstances. This is the best news in this article.

Secondly, Miller’s adopted daughter Judy (not her real name) was not the actual person who reported Miller to the Crest High School counselor. There was another girl, a foster child a bit older than Judy, Jessica (not her real name) staying with the Miller family. According to the report, Judy told Jessica about the Alleged sexual crimes committed by Ed Miller. Then Jessica told the Counselor, who called Miller’s wife Bethany at Crest Middle School and Bethany called the police. Folks, this is still good news compared to the rest of what you are about to read.

Thirdly, according to the report Bethany Miller was forced to resign from Cleveland County Schools by school officials who told Bethany Miller that it was either her resignation or she would be fired. The Schools, according to the report, told Mrs. Miller that this scandal was too “Political” and she would have to go to keep the pressure from the media off of CCS. If you have paid attention, NO announcement from CCS has ever been made that CCS had done any investigation themselves about this case. So it appears teachers are indeed afraid to demand their rights when CCS threatens them. Comparatively. we are still in the good news range.

Fourthly, Ed Miller had been reported to DSS to have paraded around at home and in front of the girls naked as a jaybird. DSS investigated and counseled Ed Miller not to do that anymore. DSS seems to have a habit of not doing anything when things need to be done and do things bad to families when nothing should have been done. Watch for another separate article about this very soon. There were other reported involvements by DSS that were never were followed up on. We are getting into comparatively bad news now.

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