CCS Sex Scandal (Miller) Gets Bigger and Bigger

CCS Sex Scandal (Miller) Gets Bigger and Bigger
By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Notes: If you read back through the these articles you will find that the Springmore Elementary School Ed Miller almost got covered up except for the CCS/Burns Middle School Caron Blanton Sex scandal being discovered and I took another look at the CCS Personnel Reports that were provided for the CCS Board Meeting. Well, Miller ended up being arrested for ten felony sexual misconduct charges including incest and statutory rape. The victim was Miller’s adopted daughter, a student at Crest High School.

All of that was bad enough, but a google search turned up an article published by Channel 9 TV and the Shelby Star that portrayed the Miller family, the adopted daughter and two younger adopted sons as being “one big happy family.”
That article went on and on about how the adoption, through DSS, had turned out so well and what a good job was done by all. I smelled a rat!!! Too much sugar was applied to that article. In the back of my mind I knew there was a dark side that the Star was helping cover up. That was besides the fact that Ed Miller has been arrested for those ten felony counts.

So, In the process of going to the courthouse to get the arrest records and all pondering over how CCS, DSS, the Courts and the whole system failed the little girl. a comment comes in to one of our related websites that allege wrongdoing in the adoption process and especially by DSS. T comment is provided below and I am sure there are others who know the truth about this but are yet to come forward. I have edited the comment somewhat to hide the identity and contact information of the person sending the comment as well as the identity of the children:


“I am George (not his real name) and Bobby (not his real name) Millers biological aunt. I had the boys and sister Jane (not her real name) for two and a half years.. I tried to adopt but Cleveland County (Department of) Social Services would not allow it. I think it was racial and something to do with me living in South Carolina.

“I work at the Shelby Post office I have been at my job since 1997. I have a nice home. I want to know why nothing has been done to Ed Miller or Cleveland County Social Services. Nothing about the way they did with the adoption or took the kids was legal. If you can help my number is 704 549 5555 (Not her correct telephone number). I am deeply sad and concerned

“Thank you.

“Tammy Dorsey (Not her real name)”

Now go take a look at the Cleveland County Commissioner’s Meeting Agenda for tomorrow night, Tuesday June 17, 2014.

Go to near the end of the agenda under Board Appointments. You will see a listing for the Department of Social Services Board and you will find Betsy Wells is currently the DDS Board Chairperson and all this adoption stuff for the Millers happened on her watch. Give Betsy Wells a call and give her a piece of your mind about how DSS failed in this adoption process and what is she going to do about it. The list also has other names the Commissioners could appoint, but Betsy Wells will probably get the appointment. Commissioner Susan Allen is also on the DSS Board, but not up for reappointment. Commissioner Chairman Jason Falls was also on the DSS Board and between Jason and Susan, you would think DDS walked on water. Jason Falls is up for re-election this year. You can thank Jason Falls for all the poor work he did on the hospital and DDS by single shot voting for Willie McIntosh for Commissioner and sending Jason Falls home on election day later this year.

You will also see an entry on the list of board appointments for “Juvenile Crime Prevention Council. Jason Falls is on this list also, along with Attorney David Schweppe who is the Juvenile Defense attorney. Attorney David Schweppe is the lawyer representing Ed Miller. What a twist that is. The attorney who is supposed to defend juveniles is the attorney representing a man accused of abusing juveniles in the worst way. Nothing against Schweppe in particular, but I can only conclude the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council is only a scam, just a little less bad than the DSS Board.

I looked over all the Boards the Commissioners would be appointing members to and could not think of any good that I know of for most of them. They do soak up tax money though. I would recommend Commissioners getting out of supporting these Boards with tax money for the most part. All they do is give people the false impression that these Boards actually do anything beneficial for the community. Especially the DSS and Juvenile Crime prevention Council.

Anyway, I am sure there are others who want to speak out against what happened in the adoption process of the Miller children and others I bet Get in touch with me and we will get the correct information out for all to see. That is the only way these things will ever be corrected. Also, if folks are really interested in improvements in Cleveland County, go to the Commissioners meeting tomorrow evening and sign up on the Public Participation part of the Commissioner’s Agenda. Tell the commissioners you are tired of the “bull-ony” and want all these boards to actually do something positive for the county. Otherwise for the county to quit wasting money on them.

If you are afraid to speak up at the commissioner’s meetings, just single shot Willie McIntosh for Commissioner November 4, 2014 at your ballot box. You will be glad you did.

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