CCS Set to Give Update on $2,297,000 Wasted on the new North Shelby School Project and another $18,000 Wasted on Revising CCS Board Policies at CCS Board October 24, 2016 Workshop. No Public Participation is Allowed!!! –Report by Robert A. Williams

Hey folks, come on down to the CCS Board Workshop set for 6:00PM at the $14 Million Central Services Building. Be prepared to only sit and listen as public participation is not allowed.

The first thing of note is an Update for the New North Shelby School Project that will be built on the James Love site. Six months ago I requested plans, specifications and documents for this project and I have not received one bit of information. Neither has Board members. Yet the CCS Board voted 8-1 to approve payment of $297,000 for the documents that have not been provided as well as accepting a $2 million increase in the cost without one question. Except for Dr. Danny Blanton. Dr. Blanton asked what did CCS get for the $297,000 payment and got no answer. Dr. Blanton then voted NO on approving the invoice.

There is no telling what this New North Shelby School Project will provide. I expect lots of smoke and mirrors and no justification. Hey, the CCS Board has already approved the $297,000 invoice and a $2 million cost overrun. They are most likely only going to brag on themselves for being stupid and brag on the architect for taking CCS to the cleaners. That is what I expect as that is the Boards MO and I already know for a fact that they don’t know a whit about building construction and won’t listen to those that do.

The next notable thing on the agenda is a draft review of some CCS Policy Changes the CCS Board has agreed to pay some School Board Association lawyers to do. I have listed the items I noticed in the draft policy and recommend throwing this whole effort in the trash can.

My comments on the Draft Policy revisions are noted below>

Policy 1000 Legal status of the Board and school system. Replaces Board Policy 1010, Legal Status of the Board.

All this does, and CCS paid over $18,000 for lawyers to do this update, is to change the name of CCS to Cleveland County Schools. What a waste. It gets worse from here.

Policy 1010 Board Authority and Duties.
This replaces Board Policy 1300, School Board authority and Responsibilities.

This is the ultimate cover-up.
This revision removes:
1. Board responsibility to create policies that establish standards, accountability, and evaluation of essential operation of the school system.
2. Taking steps necessary to help ensure legal compliance of Board and school system functions.
3. Performing judicial functions by conducting hearings as appropriate or as required by law regarding decisions of school system personnel or the board.
4. Considering the budget recommended by the superintendent. presenting the budget to the county commissioners, and adopting a budget after evaluating whether the county commissioners’ appropriation is sufficient to support a system of free public schools.
5. Adopting Board responsibility for adopting courses of study and providing instructional resources.

Policy 1100 Governing Principles.

Has nothing to do with School Principals. Revised to eliminate “Parental Involvement” in CCS student related decision making.

Folks, don’t believe a word I say. Come to the CCS Board Workshop and see for yourself.

Also remember that CCS Board Chairman Phillip Glover may be planning on running for the Sheriff of Cleveland County in the future. Come and observe Chairman Glover’s lack of management skills in action trying to justify this unnecessarily wasted $2,297,000 of taxpayer money on the new North Shelby School Project.

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