CCS School Board Needs Help Selecting New Superintendent By: Robert A. Williams

CCS School Board Needs Help Selecting New Superintendent

By:  Robert A. Williams

creditcardsA special “called” meeting of the Cleveland County Schools Board was held Tuesday evening, Feb 11, 20014 for the Board to discuss the things to do to hire a new CCS  Superintendent to replace Dr. Bruce Boyles Jr, who resigned effective June 30, 2014.  A telephone presentation by the North Carolina School Board Association folks was the central focus of the meeting.  The NCSBA suggested they could help for around $15,000 to $20,000.

In a real good example of why more new blood is needed on the CCS School Board, newly elected Board member Danny Blanton opined emphatically that the public needed to be involved in this process.  Blanton suggested meetings be held at Burns, Crest, Shelby and Kings Mountain locations to hear what the public had to say.  The other newly elected Board Member, Donnie O, Thurman, Jr piped in with full support for this idea.  Even incumbent School Board member, Roger Harris, also chimed in with support.

But both Blanton and Thurman and perhaps Harris too forgot to make this suggestion in the form of a “motion” and a “second,” which, under Parliamentary Procedure (Robert’s Rules of Order), would have required discussion of the motion and a vote by all Board members.  This failure to put public participation into Board actions to a vote was both a tactical and strategic mistake by both Blanton and Thurman.  Board Chairman jackthehammer Dr. Jack Hamrick did not ask for a motion as he is prone to do when he wants to adjourn the meeting or to vote on things the Superintendent wants to do.  And comments by Kathy Falls, Phillip Glover and especially Shearra Miller opposed allowing public participation.

It is one thing to verbally oppose public participation when not many folks are around.  It is quite another to cast a vote against public participation that would be recorded and published.  Remember folks, all these Board members are elected and who wants to elect a School Board member who refuses to allow you to speak when they are in office.  The next election for them is coming soon enough.

All is not lost however.  As Blanton, Thurman and Harris were wanting public participation as much as Falls, Glover, Miller and the rest did not, I was writing down what I was thinking about what was needed to hire a new Superintendent prior to the 2015 school year.  It was quite simple.  Recruit directly from the top school Districts in North Carolina.  You can <a href=””> read it</a> as I posted it on the website you are looking at right now (other links and a recording of the Feb 11, 2014 are also available).  I also sent it to every CCS Board Member.  They have my suggestions from my public participation adventure whether they want them or not.

You can have the same adventure.  Send an email to with your suggestions and all nine CCS Board Members will receive your suggestions at the speed of light.  Perhaps you will agree with my suggestions and all you have to say is “I agree with the suggestions Mr. Williams provided.”

Stay tuned and we will report what the normally secretive CCS Board of Education is up to if great detail.  Remember, these folks work for us and if they think they don’t, we can replace five of them in 2015.  Also remember the good job Danny Blanton and Donnie Thurman are doing and they have only been in office for two months.

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