CCS School Board Meeting-August 10, 2015– A Meeting That Will Go Down in Infamy!!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: Folks, please excuse this article for being a few days behind. I was giving the Shelby Daily Liar one last chance to put out some truthful news about the crazy doings of the CCS School Board. They didn’t. Just one spin article that left out all the controversy brought up by the citizens during the public participation section.

Second Editor’s Note: Anybody that is convinced the Cleveland County School Board, as it is right now, is trustworthy, legal and ethical; you might as well stop reading right now and go back to your television show. Common sense is required to understand what I am talking about and you probably don’t have any.

The August 10, 2015 CCS Board meeting was the first board meeting before the start of school and after the filing period for CCS Board member seats was over. Seventeen citizens had signed up for the five open seats on the CCS Board. Scroll on back a little and read my previous story about this.

Reality finally hit the CCS Board incumbents. Many people believed they could do the job better than the incumbents could and signed up to run. Never in the history of the merged CCS system was there such a clamor of discontent felt toward a government elected body and so many people had signed up to replace the incumbents. The incumbents had brought this upon themselves due to their disdain for the people, the Board’s arrogance, the Board’s elitism and the Board’s seemingly endless instances of covering up problems instead of fixing them. It was going to be a tough election year for the incumbents-Shearra Miller, Roger Harris, Jerry Hoyle and Richard Hooker. So tough that Incumbent Dr. Jack Hamrick, an original member of the merged school board and a hard line cover-up specialist, decided not to run.

But the incumbents brought this upon themselves. When the light of day finally hits them, expect to see them run for cover like cockroaches when the lights are turned on. Except these school board members don’t run, they hide behind a wall of silence and do nothing tactics.

On August 10, 2015 the lame duck Board meeting fireworks lit off with a bang.

After the introductory Moment of Silence, Pledge of Allegiance, etc. the Citizens Recognition part began. Bill Gray, now an official candidate for the school board went first. Bill Gray had once been removed from a CCS Board meeting by Chairman Jack Hamrick for asking questions. Bill Gray had not forgot the insult to him and his first amendment rights. Bill didn’t waste any time. Bill Gray told the board:

Bill Gray:
“I have been here before and asked a question. It didn’t go well. I have read many questions, from many sources that have been asked of you and I and others are waiting for answers.
First , Just a Short reminder of how this thing works , citizens ask elected officials questions, then elected officials give the citizens answers. Does that sound complicated ?
I cannot understand how you elected officials can sit up there on your little pedestal and believe that by ignoring questions from people in your community, that they will just go away. Listen Elected officials, they are not going away.
Please tell me that you are just an entity that takes what you have been told to do into fruition. Say you are just rubber stampers. Then I could understand why these unanswered questions still exist. If you would even move forward and give the impression that you might answer that would be good.
Have you forgotten that You were elected to office, it is the people that elected you that are asking these questions? It is of my opinion that anybody that can move anywhere close to the edge of the swamp you inhabit can see that you are not even on the citizens side. I hope that in this election we will find elected officials who will ‘serve and not swerve.’
Thank you …..Go ahead and rubber stamp me.”

Nikki Ledford, another candidate for the school board went next. Ms. Ledford stated that she had come to the last school board meeting, asked questions about issues at North Shelby and had been blown off. No answers. Ms. Ledford stated she had asked to be placed on the agenda, but was denied. As a citizen, shouldn’t we be able to speak without being put on a timer? CCS still not doing what needs to be done!

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