CCS School Board Double Crosses NAACP !!!– County Citizens Too !!! (Again and Again)– The Star Covers up for CCS–

Report By Robert A. Williams

Editor’s Note: 2015 is the year when five incumbent School Board members are up for re-election. Those Board members are Jack Hamrick, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker, Roger Harris and Jerry Hoyle. This represents the majority, five of the nine School Board members, who, if thrown out of office this year can represent a takeover of the School Board by a new Board majority who won’t have to worry so much about having to cover-up past shenanigans, criminal acts and who can also work toward taking Cleveland County Schools in the right direction. This article is the first of several that will shape the 2015 Election discussion for the School Board race for office.

This first installment of 2015 articles will cover the “Diversity” racial issue deeply imbedded in the Cleveland County School System controversy. It is a well established and well known but unspoken political fact that the Good-Ole-Boys (and Girls) in Cleveland County are dead set on keeping the CCS Superintendent and the County Sheriff persons of the “white” race. That is the way it has been for over a hundred years and that is the way it will always be if the Good-Ole-Boys have their way. We will not discuss the Sheriff’s Office except to say that Sheriff Alan Norman is doing a good job and there are already apparent moves afoot to discredit the potential candidacy of Willie McIntosh in 2018 and to set up the candidacy of former Highway Patrolman and present school board chairman Phillip Glover for Sheriff in 2018 when Sheriff Norman has previously stated he will retire. This will be discussed in other articles and at a later date.

On the other side of the CCS Board member “Diversity” coin is the NAACP. The NAACP interprets diversity to mean that the number of black employees and their employment levels should match the percentage of minorities within the population of Cleveland County as a whole. About 22%. With the percentage of black employees at CCS at 10-11% the NAACP appears to have a legitimate complaint.

However, the NAACP doesn’t want to publicly recognize that the qualifications of black candidates, on average, may not equal the qualifications, on average, of white candidates for teaching, administration and other jobs at CCS. If you bring up such statistics the NAACP will go into a diatribe about slavery and Jim Crow laws holding blacks in poverty and little opportunity for economic, social and political equity with the white community.

Although all this is basically true nobody wants to talk about it. Neither do they want to admit that government welfare policy which tends to destroy black family structure and remove males from leadership roles in black families is much more detrimental to the black community but is embraced by the NAACP, apparently to support the single parent families at poverty levels to generate a need for the continued existence of the NAACP for the past 100 years and well into the future. So there is always a standoff between the white establishment and the NAACP with the white community winning the struggle so far–often by “hook” and more often by “crook.” Hook or crook usually meaning the leaders that arise amongst the black community are recruited by secret groups within the white community, perhaps the Executive Round Table folks, to be held out for special treatment-which in the end results in them selling out their “brothers and sisters” in order to maintain their own newly found social, political and economic status. That is the old trick that has most often worked. More and more new tricks are being used. READ ON!!! 

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