CCS Needs to “Close the Gap” Alright, The Honesty Gap!!! Report and evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The Star’s report on the Close the Gap Summit brouhaha held Saturday at the expensive LeGrand Center was a master of cover up for seventeen years, of failure in education for children in Cleveland County. That is more than a generation of students whose lives and futures are forever minimized by a complete failure of our education system, wasted assets and a multitude of lies.

This is a harsh assessment of the facts buried deep in the statistics mostly hidden from the public. You have to dig deep into the data, but failure is obvious when you look at the numbers and apply a little mathematics of your own. CCS statistics don’t make this assessment easy, but I was up to the task and will show you how you can also figure out the puzzle. The network of failure.

First of all, let’s practice with numbers. The secret Cleveland County Education Foundation will give a report tonight to the dummies on the school board indicating that $116,500 was spent giving $500 scholarships to every 4.0 student that graduated. This is easy math. $116,500 divided by $500 equals 233 students. Ain’t that great?

You might think that is great until you compare it with the fact that there are 15,500 students in K-12. Divide 15,500 by 13 grades and you get an estimated 1,200 students graduating. 233 4.0 students out of 1,200 graduating means that we are graduating almost 20% of our graduating class with honors and a $500 reward. Still, Ain’t that great?

Now dig deep into the Close the Gap data and you find only an 86% average graduation rate this past year with only about 52% proficiency in Reading. Reading is an indicator or proficiency in everything else.

So, how can we be graduating 86% when only 52% can read and still have 20% graduating with high honors? It seems that there are very few B, C and D students, or we are being lied to. CCS administration must be lying about the poor scores, which would indicate the Gap has been closed for most students. Or, CCS and the Educational Foundation folks are lying about the high scores to pat themselves on the backs and throw themselves big expensive celebration parties at the expensive LeGrand Center.

If you look around the community you won’t see many high tech companies coming into Cleveland County to take advantage of all our smart students graduating every year. What we mostly get are the low tech minimum wage industry, if we get anything at all.

The conclusion is clear. CCS is lying to citizens about their glaring failures. They have been lying for a long time. Come out to the School Board Meeting tonight (Sept 14, 2015) at 7:00PM to hear a phony report by the Educational Foundation. Listen to the great claps of applause as they pat themselves on the back. Listen to the sounds of silence the report will have about the questions that I have asked them that they refuse to answer.

If School Board members Phillip Glover, Jack Hamrick Kathy Falls, Donnie Thurman, Jr., Shearra Miller, Jerry Hoyle, Roger Harris, Richard Hooker and past incumbent Jo Boggs had any conscience, they would resign and/or drop out of the School Board race immediately. I predict that will not happen as they desperately try to lie out of this mess as they have tried to lie out of all the other messes. Like the credit card scandal, teachers being afraid to speak up, so many sex offenders that get hired at CCS, North Shelby, all the cover-ups, etc.

Election Day is less than 60 days away folks. CCS officials have refused to do the right thing for all these years and apparently won’t do so now. Citizens, what happens next is in your hands. Get out to vote on election day and sweep every incumbent out of office. Be sure to vote into office five candidates who will do the right thing in the process. We will be coming out with our recommendations soon.

Stay Tuned!!!

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