Campaign Signs Reported Disappearing– Report by Robert A. Williams

Cleveland County voters are well known for basing their low information vote on how many campaign signs they see. Therefore the big money candidates, backed by those who curry favor, blanket Cleveland County with campaign signs knowing people will vote for them simply because the see so many signs. All these low information voters think is all these signs are linked to the people whose property the signs are on, so the candidate must be the one to vote for.

WRONG!!! Many people are catching on to these campaign sign shenanigans. Some folks see a campaign sign for a candidate they don’t particularly like on the property that they know the owner have come to the conclusion that the property owner with the signs are not so smart. Maybe even dumb as a rock. Maybe too dumb to do business with or even to be friends with.

Then, there are the property owners who are wising up and will not associate themselves with certain candidates, especially candidates who put their campaign signs on their property without first asking permission. When such a sign shows up on a person’s property, the sign belongs to the property owner and the property owner just pulls up the sign and rightfully throws the sign away.

This last paragraph is reported to be happening over Cleveland County in the School Board race, mostly to the insider wheeling and dealing incumbents, Jerry Hoyle, Roger Harris, Jo Boggs, Richard Hooker and Shearra Miller. Campaign workers putting up signs for these folks are putting up signs everywhere and some property owners, when they see the improper signs, are just going along behind them and pulling them up.

Of course many of the 2,500 school system employees are probably forced to put up the incumbent Board members signs in order to keep their jobs at CCS. Many teachers and school system employees are already afraid for their jobs if they speak out about any problems at CCS. So you know that they know a campaign sign in their yard for the incumbents is just a price you pay for working at Cleveland County Schools.

That’s just dirty politics at work in Cleveland County.

The best way to stop all this mess is for voters to pay attention to who is running for office and pay attention to what the challenging candidates are saying. And mostly quit paying attention to all the yard signs and realize that the best and smartest candidates are not going to waste CCS money or their own money with all the politicking associated with campaign signs. And especially any Bill boards. If you see a candidate with a bill board, be sure to vote for another candidate. Bill Boards are expensive and the candidate will represent whoever has paid for the bill board and certainly not you. Or your child in school.

Bottom line for those candidates who are spending money on signs. Get permission in advance before putting up your signs. For those who just put up signs everywhere without regard to the common courtesy of asking permission, your signs are likely to disappear.

Voters, Know your candidates and vote for the best ones. Best FIVE for the school board. Stay tuned for our candidate evaluations and recommendations.

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