Calling All Christians, Part III–Come to School Board Meeting November 23, 2015 at 7:00 PM-Shelby High School Auditorium. The Revised Prayer Policy is Good Enough to Pass as is. Urge the School Board to Vote for Approval Immediately Message forwarded by Robert A. Williams

The revised School Board Meeting Prayer Policy (a second reading) is on the School Board Agenda for discussion at the November 23, 2015 School Board meeting held at the Malcolm Brown Auditorium on the Shelby High School Campus.. After all the discussion and questions at the School Board “workshop” held November 9, 2015 about the only actual change to the draft policy was the addition of a limit to how long the Prayer will last-three minutes in this revision. The new revised draft is posted below:

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If you match this new draft with the first draft you will find little to no change with the exception of the three minute time limit. Actually, that is very good news as the initial draft was as good as it gets in the first place, considering Supreme Court rulings and the two activist Supreme Court Judges appointed by President Obama.

The best part is that when the item comes up on the agenda, all one board member has to do is say this, “I make the motion that this Prayer Policy, as revised, be approved and go into effect immediately and the Policy Paragraph 4.(a) that states that ‘within thirty (30) actually be accomplished within 10 days’ with the goal of having a Prayer before our second board meeting in December. Just in time for Christmas.” Of course that motion would require a “second” and a majority vote of the School Board. Put with 700-800 Christians in attendance the school board members would surely be reminded of their very recent campaign promises to support Prayer.

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