Calling All Christians Part II–Come to School Board Meeting October 26, 2015 at 7:00 PM–Fill the Auditorium AGAIN!!! The Subject is Prayer!! The School Board Didn’t Get the Message the First Time— Message forwarded by Robert A. Williams

Election Day, November 3, 2015 will decide who will fill the five positions on the CCS Board. The CCS Board meeting on October 26, 2015 is the last public school board meeting before election day. All you Christians that showed up on October 12, 2015 should also come to the meeting this coming Monday and bring your friends and neighbors. Perhaps a second and larger dose of public scrutiny will finally change the minds of the School Board that they work for the public and not the other way around.

The issue of Prayer has been studied, discussed, cogitated and regurgitated enough by various government agencies around North Carolina and the United States, including the Cleveland County Board of Education. The risks are known and the how’s and why’s are known too. The citizens of Cleveland County are demanding Prayer and are willing to take the risk of some foolish lawsuit from a bunch of muslims or satanists that they are offended by Jesus Christ. Cut off funding to the Shelby Star will save enough money to pay for plenty of lawsuits. The school board has gotten sued and voted to join lawsuits before. All this is not rocket science.

Every Christian in Cleveland County, especially those that attended the meeting should look up the minutes of the School Board’s October 12, 2015 meeting for accuracy. The School Board has an item on the October 26, 2015 meeting for an update on the prayer policy. The prayer policy is almost dead LAST on the agenda. Just like they did for the October 12th meeting. This is no accident, The school board is using a strategy to obstruct and discourage citizens from coming to meetings as much as possible.

Come on out Monday night anyway and bring your own seat cushion for all those uncomfortable seats. Remember the pain and suffering Jesus Christ endured to save our souls? Don’t let this phony school board crowd run you off from showing your Faith and standing up for your Rights by throwing a little inconvenience and pain your way at their school board meetings.

Also remember to vote for Robert Queen, Bill Gray, Nikki Ledford, Hal Hastings and George Falls for the School Board on November 3, 2015. Or before if you do the Early Voting thing. Check out my marked up Sample Ballot for a guide, which also contains a description and rating for each candidate. These candidates can immediately take over the School Board and make the changes that need to be made.

I would advise caution when reviewing some of the recommendations made by the local TEA Party that was published today. These recommendations included recommendations for conservatives Robert Queen and Hal Hastings. We agree on that. But they also recommended liberals Yvette Grant and Jo Boggs. We do NOT agree with that. The TEA Party also decided not to recommend a fifth candidate in a race that has five offices available. That is strange indeed, apparently some sort of “New Math” where 2+2 = 5. Especially when five new and like minded candidates could immediately take the majority on the School Board and make the changes that are needed.

Since Commissioners Eddie Holbrook and Jason Falls had a large input on the secret TEA Party selection we have to conclude that the TEA Party recommendations would put the school board in gridlock with five members supporting the status quo and the four that might want change always being outvoted. That is a clear sign that the TEA Party has been compromised on their purpose and do not support change at CCS. It’s just another way to silence the will of the people and I am disappointed the TEA Party crowd fell for it.

But, again, the election is November 3, 2015. And, Again, I recommend Robert Queen, Bill Gray, Nikki Ledford, Hal Hastings and George Falls. Each of these candidates have pledged to bring transparency to CCS, bring Prayer to the school Board meetings, be financially responsible, while all the time making the education of our children the primary responsibility of our schools. These FIVE candidates can do what four candidates cannot do. Why shortchange yourself? Use the old math to come up with correct answers. As Uncle Si on Duck Dynasty would say, “Old School is Best.”

Remember: November 3, 2015

CCS School Board — Vote these Five:
► Robert Queen
► Bill Gray
► Nikki Ledford
► Hal Hastings
► George Falls

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