California Calling-2014

Response by Robert A. Williams

It has happened for the past 10 years or so. At Election time I get calls and messages from California regarding political flyers and mailers where unscrupulous people have used the name

    Citizens For Good Government

without my permission. Then discerning California folks who dig into the facts look me up on the internet and call or write. For instance:

Mary Carricabury writes in 2014:

I am not impressed when you send me a very nicely color flyer, then your phone number is disconnected. Sounds sleazy to me.

Prop L is in the same box as the “America will never blah blah” I would love to understand why you say vote yes on L. Have you ever seen the supposed “open space”? It is mostly steep unfriendly unusable terrain. Anyway, since you have disconnected your phone BEFORE election day, I don’t feel inclined to vote how you advise..

Mary Carricaburu

My response to people like Mary is that we are in North Carolina and the folks who are using our name are imposters. We have the same number that we always have had. We don’t hide behind pirated names and phony telephone numbers. We write under the First Amendment and we are protected by the Second Amendment.

We also offer any conservative group in California to open a legitimate Citizens For Good Government chapter to combat the phony ones that are floating around in California.

In the meantime we salute the folks in California who, although continuously bombarded by liberal and especially gay propaganda, take the time to see through the slick lies and come up with the truth. Good for you California!!!

As for us in North Carolina, we are busy trying to get rid of Senator Kay Hagan and the activist Judges in our NC Appeals and NC Supreme Courts. Hopefully by tomorrow night you good people in California will hear our joyful voices proclaiming our happiness that the Wicked Witch is Dead (politically that is).

So, everybody from North Carolina to California, Florida to New Hampshire, lets get out to vote and do in the liberal agenda candidates who have raised our taxes, stolen our prosperity and who try to brainwash our children. Get out to vote and take a crowd with you!!!


Robert A. Williams

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