Burns High School is left off Waterwheel at Fairground

Reported by Robert A. Williams

As I walked through the front gate of the Cleveland County Fairground Saturday August 30, 2014 for the Hamfest, I noticed the big waterwheel had a fresh coat of paint. Bright colors too. Of course I always think how silly, out of place and artificial that waterwheel looks sitting there with the tank at the bottom and it’s piping all exposed where the water is pumped back to the top. At least when the old grandstand and it’s big mounds of dirt was there it appeared that a big spring was providing the water to turn the waterwheel. But that big mound of dirt was removed when the new grandstand was built leaving the waterwheel sticking out like a sore thumb.

Anyway, a closer look at the new bright paint job showed some painted words on the spokes of the waterwheel. Shelby, North Shelby, Kings Mountain and Crest were all neatly painted on some of the spokes. It appears someone in authority with the Fairgrounds thought it was nice to put the names of the high schools in Cleveland County on the waterwheel spokes. But I wondered, where was “Burns???” Ah, it must be on the other side I thought. So, despite the 90 degree heat, I walked around and inspected the back side of the waterwheel. Burns always did get second rate recognition in Cleveland County. Why should I have expected otherwise at the Fairgrounds waterwheel?

Again, on the waterwheel backside I saw Shelby, North Shelby, Kings Mountain and Crest all nicely painted on the waterwheel spokes. Again, even on the backside, no Burns!!!

Well, who cares anyway? Burns High School, Burns Middle School too, are always forgotten when it comes to recognition or spending on things that all the other schools seem to get way before Burns. Everyone from Burns and the upper parts of Cleveland County are all “country bumpkins” in the first place. Why should the smart city-fied folks care if someone forgets that Burns is also a school in Cleveland County and the folks in “Upper Cleveland” get forgotten every now and then? Mostly now.

Hey, we in Upper Cleveland County don’t get forgotten when the tax bills get sent out. That should satisfy the “bumpkins” that they are cared about the city slickers must be thinking. I just got my tax bills so why am I complaining about my school getting left off the waterwheel spokes? Us bumpkins didn’t think enough of ourselves to elect someone to the Cleveland County School Board or the Cleveland County Commissioners. So who cares if we don’t get “Burns” painted on the waterwheel spokes? Who cares if our school doesn’t have an auditorium or our gymnasium is not air conditioned? Anyhow, now that the city slickers now know that they forgot us bumpkins, maybe they will send out someone to paint “Burns” on the Fairground waterwheel spokes before the Fair starts up in a few more weeks. They don’t want us bumpkins to get mad and not spend our money at the Fair like we always do. But maybe they will just leave the waterwheel like it is. Bumpkins are too dumb to care about such things and we always come out and waste our money at the Fair.

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you bumpkins, this bumpkin is going to single-shot vote for Willie McIntosh for Commissioner this year and encourage a whole passel of Upper Cleveland County residents to run for the Commissioner office in 2016 and for a passel of Upper Cleveland County residents to run for the School Board in 2015. If we do that and win, I don’t think Upper Cleveland County will be forgotten for a very long time. If we don’t win, we might as well forget it and concede that the city-slickers are right. We ARE too dumb to have our school painted on the waterwheel spokes like all the rest.

Let’s surprise them!!! Single-shot vote for Willie B. McIntosh for County Commissioner on Election Day-November 4, 2014!

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