Buck Carr Knows Mike Miller!!!– “You deserve what you get when you vote for Mike Miller”

From the Star’s article Comments, Passed on by Robert A. Williams

From : Buck Carr • Star Top Commenter • Appalachian State University

Mike Miller withheld evidence from the Grand Jury in 2001 and had me indicted on a false-charge of Felony-Assault. Read all about the many times Bill Young, Rick Shaffer and Mike Miller maliciously prosecuted me on 7-false charges filed against me which cost me more than $35,000 in legal fees and lost wages. Read all about the North Carolina Criminal Justice System in my eBook. I recently had a conversation with a Defense Lawyer who told me the courts in Cleveland County were the most corrupt, oppressive institution he had ever dealt with.

You deserve what you get when you vote for Mike Miller.

Editor’s Note: Buck Carr represented himself and was found NOT-Guilty by a jury of the felony charge Mike Miller had him indicted on. Buck won his case because the incompetent Assistant District Attorney did not enter the Police Report into evidence indicating Buck Carr had confessed to the crime. Another criminal gets away because of an incompetent DA’s office and Buck Carr walks out of the Court House with his military rifle that he had voluntary surrendered to the Sheriff’s Department. So much for a “broken” judicial system.

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