Breaking News-Breaking News Another Major Scandal involving County Schools???

Breaking News-Breaking News
Another Major Scandal involving County Schools???

By Robert A. Williams

Remember the Burns Middle School Teacher, Caron Blanton, who was charged with nine felony charges related to indecent liberties with a minor? How a sixth grade student was caught at school showing his buddies his cell phone that contained nude pictures and lewd videos of his science teacher. Remember how I reported how the School Board covered up their knowledge of the event at their School Board Meeting on April 14, 2014 by just voting to accept the personnel report that showed Caron Blanton resigned effective April 12, 2014? Remember how I reported that the School Board rejected School Board member Danny Blanton’s motion to go into closed session to discuss the personnel report? If you don’t remember any of this, go back and read my articles entitled “Sex Scandal at Burns Middle School” and Part II-Sex Scandal at Burns Middle School.” Be sure to read the comments too!!!

Now that you are familiar with how the Cleveland County Board of Education covers up their scandals, now that you are familiar with the CCS Board’s MO, sit down and read closely. Be sure you are sitting down!!! The latest scandal started to unfold tonight, April 28, 2014 at the School Board meeting.

Hal Trammell and I got to the School Board meeting early as we always do. This time even more early than usual. Unusual things were already in play. The up-close parking spots we expected to be plentiful were all full. The School Board members were all scurrying around and talking softly in small groups. Even the Star reporter was there earlier than usual and was even joined by a second reporter. (The Star is always good for biased reporting about CCS, even when the news is bad. Two reporters must mean CCS needs the Star’s biased news very badly.) Board Chairman Dr. Jack Hamrick was missing in action entirely. Sometime I refer to him as Jack Hammer because he likes to hammer and threaten Board member Danny Blanton to keep Danny from speaking.

Shearra Miller, the vice chairman was running the meeting and there was no group of kids to lead in the Pledge of Allegiance as usually happens, Board Member Richard Hooker lead the Pledge. When we got to the Citizens Participation part of the agenda, both Robert Queen and myself made comments disparaging the Board’s conduct at the last meeting (April 14, 2014) and the Board just smiled and listened instead of the usual scowls when someone says something they don’t like.

Then Board member Phillip Glover makes the motion to amend the agenda to include a “closed session” near the end of the meeting to discuss a personnel action. Huh. A closed meeting to discuss a personnel action? Something they wouldn’t even do in the Sex Scandal case at Burns Middle School! Right then I knew something was up. Perhaps even worse than the Caron Blanton issue. How could that be? I made a note to myself to check the personnel report later to see if there were any resignations effective immediately.

So, the School Board muddled through the rest of the agenda without much comment, had their closed session, came back from their closed session, adjourned the meeting and promptly cut a trail out of there.

As for me, I ran an errand while I was still in Shelby and then cut a trail for home to look at the personnel report on line. First thing I thought was Uh-Oh. A male teacher from Springmore Elementary School had resigned-effective last Friday. Elementary School??? Then I find a comment in my article “Part II-Sex Scandal at Burns Middle School.”

Folks, I am not accusing anyone at this point of anything. Except the School Board that is. The School Board seems to have the bad habit of having many bad habits. If the School Board holds true to their MO, a very bad scandal will soon explode right in their faces. I can smell it coming all the way up here in Fallston. However, until then, this is all I have to say. (But I don’t usually stay up writing articles until 2AM for nothing, and if this story breaks it is sure to be both bad and sad for all.)

Stay Tuned and Vote on Election Day-May 6!!! Take someone with you.


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