Breaking News—Alert Shelby Action News and Citizens For Good Government Team Up!! By Robert A. Williams

The residents of Cleveland County and the rest of the world will soon have information about how our government works (or doesn’t work) for us like never before.  The electronic research and broadcasting technology of Shelby Action News and the hands on research and reporting of the CGG are set to deliver the latest news and commentary regarding good government, bad government, corruption and the associated problems of our times.

Our priorities and areas of interest will be:

  • How to balance the State Budget without robbing the Highway Trust Fund and other Trust Funds as Debbie Clary advocates.
  • DSS and DHR destroying our traditional families, violating Constitution Rights and robbing us blind.
  • The truth and dirty secrets about jobs and job recruiting incentives in Cleveland County.
  • Grants—Corruption behind closed doors.
  • Conflicts of Interest at every level.
  • And MUCH MORE!!!

Stay Tuned for video, audio and the printed word.  You are a’fixing to get it all.

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