Breaking News-9/5/2012 Military Jet Fighter intercepts Small Plane over Fallston By Robert A. Williams

Fallston-A small private plane was flying low over Fallston about 2:48 pm Wednesday when a US Military Fighter Jet intercepted the small plane.  It is not presently known who was flying the small plane or where it was forced to land.

The US Secret Service had cleared the skies around Charlotte for a 50 mile radius in preparation for Air Force One, carrying President Obama, to land in order to attend the 2012 Democrat National Convention.  It is most likely the pilot of the small plane was not aware of the flight path of Air Force One and the extent of the flight exclusion area.

Additional information regarding the Democrat National Convention states the Police protection units in downtown Charlotte consists of several policemen on every corner with roving packs of 10-12 policemen each patrolling the downtown areas.  Policemen from as far away as Chicago are reported to be in Charlotte for the Democrat Convention.

Back during the Clinton Administration, President Clinton had Air Force One wait on the tarmac in the Los Angeles Airport while he brought in this famous Hollywood hair stylist to give him a $400 haircut on Air Force One.  This backed up air traffic for thousands at the busy airport.  It is likely that former President Clinton will also be attending the Democrat Convention in Charlotte.  If you want to go on a small plane joyride around Cleveland County, you had better wait until next week so all the big time democrats can clear the area.  If the President comes to Shelby to eat Barbecue as he has been invited, perhaps the rest of us should also wait on our BBQ until the next week too.

Folks, Remember that Election Day is November 6th.  We will recommend that citizens of Cleveland County, North Carolina and the USA vote President Obama out of office so we can finally balance our National Budget and let Air Force One stay on the ground for awhile.

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