Biggest Scandal at Cleveland County Schools!!! Closing the Achievement GAP– Report and analysis by Robert A. Williams

Folks, the answer to the Close the Gap and the Close the Achievement Gap situation in Cleveland County Schools is easy to figure.
1. Decree the Close the Gap as previously defined as complete and strive to ensure that every student in Cleveland County Schools has an equal educational opportunity to be educated to the level that their individual capacity to be educated will allow.
2. Close down all the Close the Achievement Gap programs because they will never accomplish their goals. Only cultural changes within the black community, the white community, Hispanic community, Asian community and any other community to a culture that requires and expects excellence in the performance of their families children will ever accomplish the achievement of a well educated population to the highest levels. No matter what that level might be or how it compares to other community levels.
3. Stop bullying, sexting and other forms of discouraging activity at CCS so all students can be exposed to the learning experience free for such distractions.

So, Williams, how can this be accomplished??? This is an obvious question with an obvious answer. Elect school board members who also realize there are problems at CCS that must be resolved. Since it is election time, now is the time to do this.

First, get rid of all incumbents running for re-election. They will continue doing what they have always done. They are not willing to admit any mistakes they have made, much less correct them. Remember the Prayer issue? That should speak for itself on this situation.

Second, look for candidates who also recognize this Close the Achievement Gap problem. Note that candidate Robert Queen spoke to the school board on October 12, 2015 and informed them of the fact that only a little over half of graduating students can read at proficient levels. Mr. Queen is an analytical thinking person with a technical background. I believe he will come to similar conclusions as I have. Perhaps he already has.

Third, the candidates I have recommended, Robert Queen, Bill Gray, Nikki Ledford, Hal Hastings and George Falls are already interested in public discussion regarding problems and issues at CCS. I am sure that when they see the fine print that I dug out from CCS data, they are likely to also come to similar conclusions.

So, the answer becomes easy:

Remember: November 3, 2015
CCS School Board — Vote these Five:
► Robert Queen
► Bill Gray
► Nikki Ledford
► Hal Hastings
► George Falls

Vote like this and Democracy will succeed.

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