Biggest Scandal at Cleveland County Schools!!! Closing the Achievement GAP– Report and analysis by Robert A. Williams

Supreme Court decisions would say Closing the Gap is defined as a program designed to bring black students an equal educational opportunity as white students to remedy the impact of slavery, segregation past oppression in public schools. The key words here are “equal” and “opportunity.” This type program would tend to encourage the educational opportunity for ALL students to the highest levels possible.

Cleveland County School’s Close the Achievement Gap program has the goal of showing the educational achievement levels of black and white students are the same. This is not the same as the Close the Gap definition envisioned by the Supreme Court or any other reasonable person. Closing the Achievement Gap can be accomplished by undesirable means such as “dumbing down” white students, fudging scores, having more educational programs to increase the educational levels of black students than what is offered to white students or all of the above. These programs tend to be the established norms at Cleveland County Schools. Much to the detriment to all students.

But how can this be proved???

First some facts:
• A complete generation of students from Kindergarten – 12th Grade is 13 years.
• The Civil War has been over for exactly 150 years. 11.5 generations of students.
• Integration of segregated Cleveland County Schools was 100% complete 47 years ago. 3.6 generations.
• The official Close the Achievement Gap has been a part of Cleveland County Schools for 17 years. 1.3 generations.

Conclusion from these facts: There has already been sufficient time and progress made to close the gap in the providing of an equal educational opportunity to minority as well as white students at CCS. Minority students attend the same schools, have the same facilities and teachers, and have the same opportunity for education as anyone else, depending on their own individual capacity for learning.

Also, the recent “Assembly” called at Crest Middle School for black students only to hear a motivational speech is a good example of Close the Achievement Gap gone wrong. Black students were encouraged to try to do better on tests and to behave. The TV news stations were called in about that. Everybody in the community, black and white, say all students should be encouraged to do better in their studies and on their tests. CCS has kept quiet about that, although CCS Board Chairman Phillip Glover and other board members running for re-election say they don’t see anything wrong with what happened.

But there is more.

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