Biggest Liars in 2010 Election Campaign Opinion as determined by Robert A. Williams

Mark Twain once said there were “Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics.”  In the 2010 Election year, there have been too many just plain lies to talk about.  So, for the purpose of brevity, we are limiting this article to NC campaigns and only two of the biggest liars.  Read on and see if you agree.

The Number One Liar has to be Elaine Marshall.  Elaine is a Democrat running against Incumbent US Senator Richard Burr.  Elaine is well known for her “aggressive” campaigning and her claim to fame is she beat Richard Petty in the race for NC Secretary of State a number of years ago.  Petty was leading that campaign until Elaine’s dirty politics and maybe the Democrat-controlled Highway Patrol do in Richard Petty.  Too bad too!!!  Who in the world knows whom the North Carolina Secretary of State is?  Who in NC does?  Very few I bet.  If Richard Petty were the NC Secretary of State lots of businesses would want Petty’s autograph on their Incorporation papers.  And everybody would know Richard Petty was involved in North Carolina politics and they would have a little better opinion of NC.  As for Richard Petty, NC Democrat politics is too dirty of a business and he’s never had much else of a use for NC ever since–the business world either.

Anyway, Elaine is hollering at the top of her voice that Washington is broken and Richard Burr helped break it, that we need to throw him out.  She’s also accusing Richard Burr of sending all our jobs to China, bailing out the banks, not taxing enough and raising America’s debt. Elaine seems to forget that Democrats have controlled both the Senate and the House since 2006 and the Office of President since 2008.  Elaine also forgets that the vast majority of the problems she blames Richard Burr for have happened with the Democrats in control.  Elaine is especially forgetful to admit that she doesn’t want the top Democrat in the USA, President Barack Hussein Obama, to come campaign with her.  Elaine wants everyone to forget she is a Democrat and has always supported the Democrats (like convicted felon Jim Black, Kay Hagan and big tax and spender Bev Perdue) who have bankrupted North Carolina and the USA.

Hey, Elaine even supported Democrat Dan Crawford for Sheriff in 2002 when Crawford was defeated by Cleveland County Democrats by an almost 4 to 1 margin.

So Elaine Marshall wins our Top Liar Award in the 2010 Election.  Best I can tell, Cleveland County has always supported Elaine Marshall and will likely support her this year.  What does that say about education in Cleveland County?  That we like our politicians to lie to us?  The bigger the lie, the better we like it?

So, the Number Two Liar, Republican Patrick McHenry, will fit right in too.  Patrick is sneaky with his lies; He is not a bald-faced liar like Elaine Marshall (Elaine Marshall looks straight into the camera and speaks, says the Raleigh News and Observer).  Read more!!  Where Elaine will tell you flat out lies, statistics as Mark Twain might say, Patrick is the ultimate politician liar who tells you one thing and does another.  Patrick says he is against government bureaucracy and waste.  Yet, when CGG asked McHenry and his million dollar tax-paid staff for help getting to the bottom of the Jimmy Terry apparent fraud on the Federal disability laws, McHenry and his high-dollar staff quickly cut a trail to somewhere else.  McHenry sends out all these mailers at taxpayer expense lying about how he is trying to cut government waste.  Yet for the past four years, Democrats have been in control and McHenry was not able to do anything…even if he wanted to.

But, there appears to be a pattern to Patrick McHenry’s shenanigans that indicates a more sinister MO for McHenry than just a simple Mark Twain-esk storyteller.  In wondering why McHenry wouldn’t get involved with figuring out why Patrick avoided the Jimmy Terry fraud, other facts about McHenry emerged, facts and issues that McHenry had been able to hide and cover-up.  Then a resemblance in MOs started coming together.  Patrick McHenry’s MO resembles Democrat former Senator and Candidate for President John Edwards. (Photo at left is Prison “Mug-Shot” of Jimmy Terry for his latest conviction of stealing chicken feeders.)

John Edwards was a successful trial lawyer who, at an early age, made tons of money trying medical malpractice lawsuits.  Then Edwards became interested in politics and apparently was thinking about running for President from the git-go.  An opportunity to run for US Senate came about and Edwards lied his way into the US Senate.  Then Edwards immediately began his run for President and serving the folks in NC didn’t matter at all.  McHenry has similar traits except that McHenry got into politics at an earlier age than Edwards and without a personal fortune.  So McHenry began his political career by conniving and sucking up to Republican Party leadership.  No matter about the citizens of McHenry’s district, McHenry was even more interested in sucking up to the Party leadership and even more so with political campaign contributions.

The only problem McHenry has had in his obvious resemblance with John Edwards and a run for President was the US Constitution.  According to the Constitution, you have to be 35 years old to run for President.  McHenry was not 35 until this year, 2010, and this is not a Presidential Election Year.  So, McHenry will have to wait until 2012 to actually run for President.  That means McHenry will have to get himself elected one more time in 2010 to be set for a Presidential run.

Of course, depending on how things shake out in 2012 and the rush to get rid of Obama, McHenry may decide to wait until Kay Hagan’s term comes up in 2014, run for the Senate-which has a six-year term, and then run for President in 2016.  This might make more sense to McHenry.  This was something Edwards failed to do…run for President during a Senate term in office, so if you get beat you will still be drawing a Government check as a US Senator and you can run again at a later date.  McHenry would still be young enough.

So, our top two political liars in 2010 are Elaine Marshall and Patrick McHenry, with Elaine barely beating out Patrick.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just send both of them home in the Election two weeks from now?  Hey Elaine, Hey Patrick, get off the taxpayers back and go get an honest job!!! (Or, if telling lies was a crime, perhaps you should join Jimmy Terry in prison.)

Stay Tuned-you heard it first in Citizens For Good Government.

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