Big Money and Hot Air Win School Board Elections !!!– Prayer Folks Fooled and Children Still Can’t Read— Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The School Board Election results are in and it is the same ole same ole. Of the seventeen candidates running the ones who spent the most money on signs, mailers and political advertisements got the votes. The ones who go to all the forums with their good ideas on how to make educating our children better, and cheaper on the taxpayer, but don’t spend a ton of money; well, they have learned a lesson. Let someone else do it next time. Political Offices in Cleveland County are bought and sold with cold hard cash. Smart working class kids grow up and leave Cleveland County looking for better jobs and the not so smart stay and work cheap. That is the way it has been in Cleveland County and it will most likely always be that way.

The School Board Election winners are Jo Boggs, Roger Harris, Shearra Miller, Richard Hooker and Jeff Jones in that order in getting the votes. Jeff Jones may face a recount as Robert Queen, Jerry Hoyle and Darius Griffin are all within one percent of Mr. Jones. Whether or not a recount will be called for by either Robert Queen, Jerry Hoyle or Darius Griffin one remains to be seen. Jerry Hoyle was the only incumbent School Board member who was defeated.

As we evaluated all the candidates based on their merit, recognition and dedication to fixing problems and providing fiscal responsibility, which means they will not waste much of their own money, much less taxpayer money, our recommended candidates tend to lose when the voters that turn out are unduly influenced by signs, advertisements and phony mailers. This is unfortunate, but typical of Cleveland County voting patterns and so many low information voters.

Perhaps the biggest losers in the School Board Election are the Christian folks who want School Board meetings to begin with a Christian Prayer. Cleveland County just elected five Board members with three incumbents who have already voted twice against Prayer. One who is weak on Prayer and another who never supported Prayer in over ten years previous service on the School Board, but says she does now. When the School Board lawyer tells them if they implement a Christian Prayer a lawsuit is likely, all five will probably cave and go for a moment of silence, despite all the hot air support for Prayer right before Election Day. Either that or a prayer that is prepared by the lawyer that the Lord will turn a deaf ear to. That would be my prediction. We will wait and see who gets to say, “I told you so.”

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