Are We Stuck on Stupid???– Vote “Against” the Bond Package on March 15 Primary Ballot!!!– Reply to Tim Moore’s Feb 3rd Letter in the Shelby Star– Report and Evaluation by Robert A. Williams

The North Carolina General Assembly is at it again.

The General Assembly wants to float a $2 BILLION bond issue (go in debt) to, they say, rebuild the infrastructure of North Carolina. Representative and Speaker of the House Tim Moore is in favor of this according to this Feb. 3, 2016 letter printed in the Shelby Star. According to Tim, the General Assembly has paid down other such bonds and debts and with this money there will be no NEW taxes.

Tim, does that mean North Carolina will get free money from Wall Street? Folks, that ain’t gonna happen.

The problems I have with this plan is:

1. Cleveland County is one of 100 counties. Our share, if every county gets the same cut, would be $20 Million. According to the latest draft of the plan Cleveland County will get around $5 Million for renovation, maintenance and new construction at Cleveland Community College. What a crock!!! Look at all the new construction already at Cleveland Community College. Especially the LeGrand Center, a $20 Million boon-doggle that Cleveland County itself sold $20 million in bonds that we will have to pay back all by ourselves, plus $20 million and more to pay off this new bond. Folks, does it make sense for Cleveland County citizens to vote for a bond issues where you get $5 million and have to pay back $40 million???

2. The original plan that was advertised heavily in the Shelby Star indicated Cleveland County would get $92 Million with a large part of that cash to pay for completion of the 74 bypass. Folks, the Connect NC Bond was set up for mainly road construction to “connect” NC with roads. All this road construction has been stripped from the present bond issue that you will be voting for on March 15. 2016-Primary Election Day. They just kept the Connect NC name. It’s the old bait and switch all over again. With the $92 million earmarked to Cleveland County marked down to $5 mil, which is way below the average per county. Just say no!

3. The last time (and maybe everytime) a state bond issue like this comes along Cleveland County gets the short end of the stick and ends up paying for the long end. And Cleveland County has stupidly ended up voting to screw themselves. This is beyond belief if you haven’t looked it up.

4. Saying “No new taxes is a scam.” The commissioners will screw us with their new property evaluation here they raise the valuation so the tax rate can stay the same while you end up paying more. The state will screw us with all the new increases in “fees” that show up when we buy our car tags, renew our drivers licenses and such.

My prediction is this. Cleveland County never seems to learn their lesson. We voted the same old crowd back on the School Board last November and we have always voted for these bait and switch state bond issues. My prediction is we will do it all over again on March 15, 2016 when the majority will mark FOR on their ballot. Cleveland County appears to be “stuck on stupid” when we go to mark our ballots on Election Day. My recommendation is to vote AGAINST this bond issue and in great numbers.

Besides, if the whole state wises up and votes against borrowing an additional $2 Billion, the state legislators can accomplish everything that is needed by cutting waste and funding projects on an individual basis where we can watch our representatives a little bit better.

Folks, Call Tim Moore and ask him about what I have printed in this article. Especially ask Tim why Cleveland Community College needs another $5 Million and whether or not the 74 Bypass will ever be finished?

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