April 13th School Board Meeting Highlights Report by Robert A. Williams

• Giving a child a cell phone is like handing the child a loaded 9mm handgun !!
…Guardian of the Children MC Spokesman C. J. Sauer.
• Nobody at school will take away my kids cell phone, that’s the way it will be!!!
…CCS Board Member Kathy Falls
• Forty Teachers will need to be terminated next year!!! Too much money goes to charter schools!!
…CCS Finance Director David Lee
• We just wasted $1,400!!!
…CCS Board Member Danny Blanton

Since the April 13, 2015 Cleveland County Board of Education meeting occurred during Spring Break there were no show time periods for kids to open with the Pledge of Allegiance, no student reports, no awards given out and all those smiling faces on Board Members, teachers CCS Staff, etc. for the parents to see. And then leave before it gets down to business. This meeting was all business, albeit, sometimes, perhaps often “monkey” business. The first 5 items of the ten item agenda was covered within five minutes. Including a three minute presentation in the public participation section.

In the public presentation C. J. Sauer of the Guardians of the Children Motorcycle Club reminded the Board that the Board meeting agenda put public participation at the beginning of the meeting therefore disallowing anyone from commenting on anything that happens later in the meeting. But Mr. Sauer, a regular and consistent participant in the public participation section of the Board agenda since the criminal cell phone child pornography use at Burns Middle School and other county schools issue became public over a month ago had figured out the CCS Board trick to keep the public out of CCS meetings and was ready. Mr. Sauer made a list of four question that he asked the Board to answer in their agenda item later in the meeting. Mr. Sauer asked, regarding a CCS Board promised letter to parents regarding cell phone use by kids at school:
1.) Why was this letter not sent directly to parents? 2.) Why some schools did not sent out the letter? 3.) Why were kids not instructed to take the letter to their parents? and 4.) Why did it take a week before “robo calls” were sent out?

Mr. Sauer has stated previously that the members of Guardians of the Children have children in all of the Cleveland County Schools and they are all concerned about the illegal use of cell phones by kids at school and that CCS should educate the children on the proper use of cell phones at school. Mr. Sauer and his “Guardians” have consistently attended in force (ten or more members) at every school board function recently. They wear their “colors” and sit respectfully up front for all the Board members to see. Their presence and persistence has resulted in the CCS School Board sending out a letter to parents in the first place as well as generating an agenda item for the April 13 meeting in which cyber bullying and sexting crimes at school was actually discussed. Stay tuned later in this article for that report.

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