Another Sex Scandal at Cleveland County Schools!!!– Biggest Scandal is the CCS Cover-up???– Obstruction of Justice??? Report and Logic by Robert A. Williams

By now all of Cleveland County, the State of North Carolina and maybe the World knows about the newest Cleveland County scandal regarding CCS worker Laura Bowling. 32, having sexual relations with two 16 year old boys attending Crest High School. Presently Bowling has been charged with five felonies, arrested and is under a $50,000 bond. Bowling is alleged to be pregnant from her sexual relations with the boys, a picture of Bowling has been released by WSOC TV, Sheriff Alan Norman has alluded to a possible third victim and the whole thing was exposed by a mother of one of the boys who found inappropriate texts and pictures from Bowling on her sons cell phone and heard Bowling was pregnant. As usual CCS won’t say anything. Laura Bowling has confessed that she had sexual relations with at least one of the 16 year old male Crest High School Students.

Some people have been wondering why I have been sitting on this story quietly on the sidelines. The answer to that is I have been putting the pieces of the puzzle together regarding an even bigger scandal. The cover-up, obstruction of justice and more coming from CCS. Probably the biggest crimes involved with this Laura Bowling case is the extent of the obstruction and cover-up crimes at CCS that, but for the mother’s report to law enforcement, would likely have never been told or seen the light of day, although CCS has known about the crimes since May or even before. However, the Sheriff’s Department’s investigation was swift and thorough enough for Laura Bowling to be charged and jailed and the Charlotte TV news stations are keeping everybody informed of those details. But, even that is not complete as Laura Bowling’s husband is also an employee of Cleveland County. My investigation is not regarding Laura Bowling or her husband who apparently is also a victim here, but is regarding those who have worked so hard to obstruct justice and cover-up this whole affair. From a big picture perspective, the entirety of this story is akin to an atomic blast with the CCS Central Services at 400 West Marion Street in Shelby being at “Ground Zero.” The people involved go straight to the top, the Superintendent and some of the School Board. Before I am through, you will have all you need to know about CCS management and who needs to go to jail along with Laura Bowling (if convicted).

Let’s start at the start of my knowledge of what is going on regarding this case and how the puzzle has come together to show a criminal cover-up at CCS that goes straight to the top..

A call came in at 5:58pm Wednesday, August 3, 2016. My caller ID said “Private Caller.” Since such calls are frequently from telemarketers, I often just let those calls go to the answering machine. But, as I had the phone in my hand, I pushed the button that was marked “Talk” and simply said “Hello.”

The caller informed me that a CCS employee-not a teacher-at Crest High School, Laura Bowling, had sexual relation with two 16 year old Crest High School students, one of the student’s mother had called law enforcement-the Sheriff’s Department, Laura Bowling was set to be arrested Friday August 5, 2016 and TV news was all over Crest High School earlier that day. The caller stated Laura Bowling’s husband also worked for Cleveland County, but not at CCS.

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