Another School Employee Charged with 10 Sex Crimes!!! Two Seven Year Old Girls are Alleged Victims!!– Same Ole Lies and Cover-up from CCS Board!! Report by Robert A. Williams

Burns’ neighbors, who most thought Burns was a nice guy, had knowledge that Burns would travel back home from work on a regular basis during the workday. Sometimes several times a day. The pattern was that Burns would come home in his CCS owned truck, get into his car and leave, later to return home, get back in his CCS owned truck and leave again, then come home at the end of the workday in his CCS owned vehicle. Two plus two is beginning to add up to four.

A poorly supervised Ron Burns was able to sneak off during the day for hours at a time and CCS knew nothing and did nothing. What an opportunity for mischief that was available for Ron Burns to do the deeds that he allegedly did. From the 6-1-2016 to 10-15-2016 time frame that the criminal charges against Ron Burns were alleged to happen, which included summer time when school was out, and the acquaintance relationship Ron Burns was alleged to have with his two victims in the 10 felony charges presently against Ron Burns, Burns’ opportunity to commit those alleged crimes would most likely be during the day when Burns was on the clock but out and about to locations unknown by CCS as CCS was not properly supervising Ron Burns and perhaps others. Are the pieces of the puzzle coming together?

Other pieces of the puzzle may be coming together too. Sex offenders committing such crimes as Ron Burns has been accused of are typically repeat offenders who prey on children when the opportunity arises. There may be, and probably are, other children out there who have been victimized by the likes of a Ron Burns. At 60, Ron Burns (if guilty of the alleged crimes) may have a string of victims that, for one reason or another, have just not come forward and told on their abuser. One thing is certain however, CCS administration and supervision were totally asleep at the wheel in screening their employees, supervising their employees and taking proactive means to root out criminal activity at CCS or somewhere else on CCS time.

And the lack of supervision goes all the way to the top-the CCS Board. Burns was arrested Friday, October 21, 2016, the CCS Board meeting was held the next Monday, October 24, 2016 and not a peep was said about this at the meeting. Not even a closed session was added to the agenda. The CCS Board is totally useless in looking after the best interest in CCS Students. All they want to do is cover up. Same as with the problems with the new North Shelby School Project, but that will be in another article. Stay tuned.

But folks, the CCS Board does what they can get away with. Just like the many child molesters and sex offenders that keep on popping up out of the woodwork at CCS. And people don’t do anything. 50,000 voters stayed home on Election Day 2015. Word gets out in the county that a principal catches a female teacher having sex with a student and nothing happens. Then the Principal gets elected to the school board. Folks, are our children having to pay for the slackness of their parents??? Since only a very, very few parents showed up at the October 24, 2016 school board meeting, I have the answer to my question.

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