Another School Employee Charged with 10 Sex Crimes!!! Two Seven Year Old Girls are Alleged Victims!!– Same Ole Lies and Cover-up from CCS Board!! Report by Robert A. Williams

The Cleveland County, NC Sheriff’s Department Arrest Report for October 21, 2016 shows CCS employee Ronald Lee Burns, 60, of 154 Harbor Point Drive (Moss Lake), Cherryville was arrested Friday October 21, 2016 for the listed ten crimes against children. Burns posted $120,000 bond and was released. Samuel J. Randall, IV of Charlotte is Burns’ defense attorney.

The Sheriff’s Office website below shows 11 charges. Official Court files only show 10 felony charges alleging highly illegal sex acts with two girls, both reported to be seven years old with family acquaintance with Burns.

Burns, Ronald (W /M/60) Arrest on chrg of 1) Attempt (F), 2) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 3) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 4) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 5) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 6) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 7) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 8) Indecent Liberties With Child (F), 9) Stat Sex Off W/child By Adult (F), 10) Stat Sex Off W/ Child By Adult (F), and 11) Stat Sex Off W/ Child By Adult (F), [Missing Address], on 10/21/2016 12:00:00 AM.

The first tall tale (lie) told by CCS and repeated in the Star headlines is that Ron Burns is a FORMER employee. In fact, Burns may NOW be a former employee, but at the time the crimes were committed (Court files allege illegal sex acts for both girls occurred from June 1, 2016 through October 15, 2016) Ron Burns was a full fledged CCS employee.

But, hey, it is always like this for CCS employee related crimes. I reckon CCS thinks Cleveland County folks are too dumb to figure out that CCS and the Star are lying to them. CCS doesn’t screen their employees very well and apparently don’t supervise their activity on the job very well either. This is indicated by the excessive number of sex offenders that have been caught recently as well as some crimes that have been successfully covered up. Calling, on every occasion, an employee caught in a crime, as a “Former” employee because the employee is quickly forced to resign before the news of the crime hits the streets implies that CCS took action in some way to discover the crimes and get a crooked employee arrested. The facts are the opposite. Read on for some shocking news.

In this case involving Ron Burns, the Star article was quick to print that Sheriff Alan Norman stated the multiple sex crimes most likely did not occur on school property. “There’s no reason for us to believe that anything happened on property owned by Cleveland County Schools,” Norman told the Shelby Star. What was not stated was the alleged crimes were likely committed on CCS TIME-during Burns’ regular working hours and on the clock and payroll. Let’s examine this a little further.

Now that this heinous crime has been discovered by the public, people such as neighbors, CCS insiders, CCSD employees, Courthouse folks, family and friends of the victims are talking. CCS records show that Ron Burns worked in the School Bus Maintenance Department as a bus mechanic. Burns particular job included him having a School “Service Truck” with tools that he drove back and forth to work everyday as well as travelling to various bus locations around Cleveland County to repair and maintain school buses as needed and where needed. This fact alone proves nothing except that Burns was basically able to travel around Cleveland County every day as part of his job. But consider this one piece of a bigger puzzle.

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