American Power Beats China in Baseball Game Shelby Political Power Beats Cleveland County in Baseball Fields

By Robert A. Williams

Team USA beat the Chinese baseball team by a score of 6-2 in the evening of July 2, 2014. The Chinese (Taiwan) team played flawlessly in the infield as well as the outfield. Team USA took the lead in the top of the 2nd inning with a solo home run and was never behind. The solo homerun could have been a 2 run homer, but the runner on second base got picked off two pitches before the homer. Team USA played well to and the game was nip and tuck until the top of the eighth inning when Team USA got a grand slam homerun. Power hitting put the runs on the board and power pitching shut down China and the game was won. Then there were fireworks.

Everybody in Cleveland County ought to go see a baseball game at Keeter Field on the grounds of Shelby High School. But not necessarily to see the ballgame. Look around the grounds, the immaculate ball field, the press box area, the covered stands with the big fans giving shade and cooling, the brickwork all around, the fieldhouse. Also, checkout the seats. Nice aluminum seats with no worry about getting a splinter in your backside. Compared to every other ball field in the Cleveland County Schools system, this one is like Yankee Stadium and all the rest, especially Burns High School’s ball field, are like playing ball in a cow pasture with cow paddies for the bases.

So, how did Shelby High School get so much money for a ball field and the rest of us got so little? Don’t we all know the answer to that? Historically Shelby has had the political power to run Cleveland County and they have run things so Shelby gets the best–at everybody else’s expense. Now Kings Mountain is doing the same thing.

Wake up Cleveland County!!! Get out and run for office so the rest of us can vote for you. That is the only way to make the changes so the rest of us get our fair share. And lo and behold, you can start this on November 4, 2014 by single shot voting for Willie B. McIntosh for County Commissioner. Let Kings Mountain and Shelby fight it out for the remaining office. Next time in 2016, fill all three vacancies with county residents.

Ain’t it amazing what you can learn from going to a baseball game!!!

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