American Legion World Series has Record Attendance at its Permanent Home in Shelby, Makes Tons of Money and Other Such Lies!!! –Report and evidence provided by Robert A. Williams

The first part of being a good liar is to understand that the more you tell a lie, the more people will believe it. Newspapers know that. Politicians know that. And so does the crowd that is pushing the American League World Series in Cleveland County.

Like ALWS attendance. The ALWS folks and the Star are saying over 117,000 people attended the 2016 ALWS baseball games at the baseball field at Shelby High School. That is much more than the total population in Cleveland County, which is around 97,000. 117,000 people is like counting every single person in Cleveland County and then counting everybody in Shelby twice.


That is kind of what they do with the ALWS baseball games, except they count people more than twice. The Stadium holds around 7,500 and about every day there are several games during that day and night. So, the teams draw their supporters, the ALWS gives away enough tickets to fill up the stadium and they count them every game and every day and then they add them all together at the end. A winning team supporter may go to four or more games and that supporter ends up getting counted four or more times. It’s a gimmick to grab headlines. But it’s a lie just the same.


Now folks, for those who happen to travel up and down Highway 18, 226 and 74 you will see big highway signs at the county line that say “Home of the American League World Series” along with “Home to the NC Speaker of the House.” If you read about the ALWS and Shelby in the Shelby Daily Liar or listen to local propaganda, you will be led to believe that Shelby is the PERMANENT home to the American League World Series.


But if you read the fine print in the Daily Liar interview with Commissioner and ALWS head honcho Eddie Holbrook that was on the first page of the Sunday August 14, 2016 Edition you would have seen that despite Holbrook saying “It’s Our Event” in reality it is not our event. It is an American Legion event that just happens to be temporarily in Shelby. In fact it is NOT our permanent event as you would see if anyone would ever get ahold of the ALWS contract and showed it to you. Certainly Eddie Holbrook and the Daily Liar won’t show it to you on purpose. But they slipped up in the article mentioned above. According to Holbrook the event that is supposed to be OURS is only ours until the contract runs out in 2019.


Although there are renewal options, it should be obvious to any thinking person that the American Legion, a nationwide organization based in Indianapolis, Indiana-right in the Heartland of America, would NEVER make a permanent home for their World Series in one particular region of the United States-ever. They are going to spread it around over the years to other places and other regions. Teams from California, Hawaii, Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and all over the nation are not going to travel to Shelby FOREVER to play baseball. Only a fool would ever believe that would ever happen. No matter how much the taxpaying fools in Shelby and in North Carolina spend on a baseball field and funding big parties for the American Legion teams and their families and friends that travel with them. Other towns in other states will compete for the ALWS when the contract with Cleveland County runs out. And they will get it when Shelby’s run is through, no matter what Eddie Holbrook says. The ALWS contract says Shelby’s run is over in 2019 unless the contract is extended. Sooner or later the extensions will run out and the American League World Series will be played somewhere else.

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